When You’re Stuck in the Car Five Hours a Day, Who You Gonna Call? Commute-Busters!

Long commutes rob workers of time with their loved ones. At ACTenviro, we do whatever we can to help our employees deal with this issue, by adjusting hours to avoid traffic, facilitating interstate branch moves, etc. Recently, not one but two of our employees, Samuel Rodriguez and Jose Ratliff, transferred from our Sunnyvale branch to our Merced, California branch, which is much closer to their homes. Brian Trefault, their new branch manager in Merced, said, “I am proud to share this as both Sam and Jose have made huge positive impacts on our facility.” Here, then, are Samuel and Jose’s stories, in their own words: img-1 Samuel Rodriguez I’ve been with ACT for 5 years. Two years ago, I purchased a home and moved my family from the Bay Area to the Central Valley. I commuted for 15 months, spending about 20 plus hours a week just driving to and from work. This past summer, a driver position opened in Merced and I applied then interviewed and got the job. I feel the difference in myself with getting more rest and getting to spend a lot more time with my family. I have two girls (11 and 10months) and my wife. Family time means a lot to us and with making the move to Merced I can go to softball games and watch my newborn grow. Thank you, Sunnyvale – my time there was great. To Brian and the Merced branch, thank you for welcoming me and making my transfer seamless. I’m looking forward to learning and advancing with the company. img-2 Jose Ratliff I am now the Senior Field Chemist at the Central Valley Branch located in Merced, CA. I’ve been working for ACTenviro for over twelve years now. I was originally hired to work out of the Sunnyvale branch because I lived in the San Jose area at the time. Back then,ACTenviro did not even have a Central Valley Branch. Over the course of my employment, I have moved my family from one city to another a couple of times, but I have recently settled down in Manteca, CA in a new home that I was able to purchase. I have been in my home for about two years now and as I’m sure everyone experiences, the traffic and commute have only been getting worse with time for everyone. I love my job with ACTenviro and have stuck it out, regardless of how far away I lived from the office, due to ACT’s commitment to its employees. However, I recently saw a job posting at the Central Valley branch and thought this might be a great opportunity for me. It was hard to even consider leaving the Sunnyvale team thatI developed a special bond with and almost felt like a family to me at times, but I felt this change would be able to improve my personal life dramatically. I had been commuting a total of five to six hours on bad traffic days (every Friday at minimum) and it was starting to take a toll on me. During the application process, everyone from both locations was supportive and stressed that they wanted me to make a decision based on what was best for my family and me. After doing a visit and meeting with Brian Trefault, the General Manager of the Central Valley branch, and the rest of the team, I felt comfortable and believed that making this move would be the best decision. I have now been at the Central Valley branch almost two months and must say that the quality of my life has totally changed, physically and emotionally. I used to wake up at 3am every morning to arrive at work on time. I now get up at 6am, and have reduced my commute time dramatically. This allows me to spend more time enjoying my new home and my family...oh yeah, and getting more sleep is a definite plus as well. I’m very grateful that Brian Trefault and the Merced family welcomed me with open arms and that ACTenviro is a forward-thinking, professional organization with family values and customer commitment! Thank you to ACTenviro for everything.
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