What I Live For

In preparation for National Safety Month, employees at ACT were asked, what do you live for and what do you do safely at work so that you can pursue your passion. Gina Bailey, our dedicated Office Manager in Escondido, had an important message that we would like to share. 22 Titanium screws and rods, am I the ‘Bionic Woman’? No, but since my spinal fusion two years ago, life from this perspective looks great! Before surgery, I couldn’t remember what it felt like to be pain free. I knew I needed surgery, but I had heard all the horror stories about spinal fusions, and visions would pop into my head of my doctor like a cartoon character wearing a headlight in a small dark operating room, bearing down on my back like a mad man with screws and a screwdriver!
I finally realized the quality of my life was suffering, and this surgery was needed - I had too much living to do. My daughter was having my first grandbaby and I wanted to be able to hold this child, play with this child, and share everything I could pain-free. I decided surgery had to be my answer. And it was. Now, three grandbabies later (yes, that was fast, right?), you wouldn’t even know I had surgery – I play with, carry and run after these babies - and I love that surgery has made it possible for me to have my life back again.
I feel like this is my second chance with my ‘new’ back, and I want to maintain this healthy back any way I can. Since my day requires deskwork, it was important I have my workspace as ergonomically correct as possible. I had an assessment done, and now I use a footrest and lower lumbar spinal support on my chair. If needed, I take a stretch break – or walk around the yard. I have made my work environment, as safe as possible, and this will enable me to maintain my healthy lifestyle through my safe work environment. And full circle – this allows me to enjoy my life with my family and grandbabies. This is what it’s all about. This IS what I live for!
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