What Does It Mean To Be Well?

shutterstock_207758419 What is employee wellness? Is it physical health? How about mental and emotional health? Or is it a combination of all? We all think about wellness in different ways; some in our individual way, and others in terms of how our company environment treats it. As I continue my studies and research into organizational psychology, I find myself gravitating more towards complete employee wellness and happiness. These topics are near and dear to me and I believe companies can accomplish more in by helping employees achieve these goals. When we think of employee wellness, most people generally picture gym memberships and participation in physical activities together to improve our physical health. These are very important, for sure. But many of us do not take the rest of the big picture into consideration. Working on our mental and emotional health is just as important to us on our path to happiness. Here at ACT, we offer many resources to help employees attain this level of happiness and wellness. There is a generous gym membership reimbursement for all employees. We also have an Employee Assistance Program that is available 24/7 and is free to all employees. This outstanding program offers counseling and help to those who call and need assistance with a wide range of topics, including stress, family issues and financial counseling. The program also offers a variety of resources to give employees further help. Lastly, ACT offers generous time off and other perks to help us all recharge and keep our minds clear. Even with the resources we offer at ACT, there is always more we can do as individuals. What is important to remember is that we are all different, and we all find wellness and happiness in different ways. My recommendation to people is to find what brings you happiness and do more of it in your life. If taking a jog through the park makes you happy, find more time to do that. Or you may be more interested in yoga, therapy, simply having good conversation with those closest to you or many other activities that focus on your complete wellness. As a company, we will continue to evaluate areas in which we can help promote wellness and happiness at ACT. Our culture is very family-focused, and one of the great things about working here is that people truly care about each other. What is equally important is that we continue to take care of ourselves. Best wishes, and be well! ~ Michael Coomer, Human Resources Manager
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