We Just Won a Universal Waste Management Award!

Collage Congratulations are in order for one of ACTenviro’s biggest on-site teams, which was given a prestigious Sequoia Award by their client for the tailored universal waste battery program ACTenviro established and put into practice. Pictured from left are team members Alexander Voges, Paul Sabia, manager Christopher Dean and Nicholas Massey. In quickly and efficiently fulfilling the request for an improved framework to handle the tracking of universal waste containers, our team demonstrated customer commitment – one of ACTenviro’s core values. Managing batteries and lamps as universal waste makes it easier for our client’s employees to dispose of these items and improves how hazardous waste is managed across a sprawling campus, saving time and money for everyone involved. Our implementation decreased the number of satellite accumulation areas from over a hundred to just ten, created procedures and plans, and procured supplies to ensure the new program would run effectively and achieve compliance with the Universal Waste Rule. By providing consistent, clear communication and hands-on assistance – both of which continue to this day, as we continually refine our processes – Chris and his team were able to implement radical improvements in record time. And apparently the effort didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks to both our internal team for the great work and to our clients for their partnership and willingness to change the entrenched approach to universal waste collection. Let us know if you have any waste or other EH&S programs that are in need of design and implementation help!
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