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Transportation and Disposal is the cornerstone of ACTenviro, and we provide comprehensive solutions for all your hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs. As a broker in waste management, we have relationships with the top TSDFs in the industry. ACTenviro only utilizes approved TSD Facilities that are audited by our EH&S/Compliance staff. Each facility utilized must pass a rigorous audit process including a review of relevant records, permits, and past incidents. Our audit information is available for review upon request.

We provide transportation and disposal services for the following:

ACTenviro Treatment Services – Disposal Options

Waste Management Tools and Reporting

ACTenviro is proud to offer Waste Management Software, which tracks and compiles information on all hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste shipped by ACTenviro. Our system is updated regularly to ensure compliance with changing regulations. Our tracking systems generate manifests, tracks shipments, record waste history, maintain profiles, and compile reports for waste managed by ACTenviro. Our database is stored on an ACTenviro server which undergoes daily off-site back up to maintain maximum file security, application stability, and data preservation.

ACTenviro can customize summary reports to meet the needs of our clients. At any time the customer can access a variety of updated reports showing waste volumes by profile, manifest number, date shipped, and or TSDF utilized. Additional pre-configured reports, such as our Account Review Meeting Reports, can be generated upon request or on a regularly scheduled basis, and are offered at no charge to our customers. Some examples of available reports include biannual report summaries, bar charts of waste volumes shipped per profile per building, and/or costs broken out per profile per quarter, per year and/or per location.

TSDF Selection Criteria

ACTenviro is not tied to utilizing any one TSDF and, therefore, has the flexibility to utilize a multitude of end disposal facilities specializing in specific waste stream disposal. Additionally, ACTenviro ships significant quantities of wastes to these facilities, which in turn assists us in offering competitive pricing to our clients. In shipping our clients’ waste to the most appropriate and cost-effective TSDF, overall costs for disposal can be kept to a minimum. Further, our hazardous waste transportation services is one of the best in the industry.

ACTenviro maintains a very high sense of responsibility when managing your waste disposal, treatment and/or recycling needs. We realize the ramifications of using subpar facilities that do not place compliance and safety as their top priority. That is why our first criteria for selecting a TSDF partner are based on their safety and compliance records. The nature of the materials we work with are dangerous. Therefore, to protect your liabilities as well as our own, we also verify the TSDFs we use are financially secure and maintain adequate insurance and closure cost coverage.

Due to the high cost of hazardous waste transportation and the dangers with transporting your waste over long distances, ACTenviro always considers location as a factor in choosing our disposal partners. We make every effort to keep the waste within reasonable distances from the point of generation. This limits your exposure to risk from an incident on the road and helps keep your cost down.

Processing capabilities and handling costs are also part of our selection criteria. We take into consideration that each TSDF we use is the best suited to receive and handle the waste we send them. This means we further limit your risk that could be incurred from 3rd party transporters and excessive facility storage time while waiting to be treated. Also, by selecting the right facility partner for each waste stream we are able to obtain the best market price for your disposal, treatment and/or recycling needs.

Finally, ACTenviro always makes a conscientious effort to find as many green treatment and recycling options as possible for your waste. That is why we are able to recycle over 80% of the waste, on average, we manage for our customers.

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