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Corporate Headquarters

967 Mabury Road
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 548-5050
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Our Location

ACT offers free training for our clients, including:

  • California Hazardous Waste Awareness / DOT for Signing Hazardous Waste Manifests (for CA generators) and
  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Awareness / DOT for Signing Hazardous Waste Manifests (for generators outside CA)

Our EH&S experts will show you what is (and is not) hazardous waste and help you understand the requirements for management and disposal. Take this training to maintain compliance, avoid violations and help satisfy your annual training responsibilities. Attendees will receive course handouts and certificates of attendance for their records.

Training is currently presented in webinar format due to social distancing guidelines, but we will return to in-person sessions as soon as we can!

Scheduled Webinars

California Haz Waste / DOT for Manifests9/15/208:30 – 11:30Register Now or contact Lillian McCormick
RCRA Haz Waste / DOT for Manifests9/22/208:30 – 11:30

Register Now or contact Gregg Lemma

Please limit 3 attendees from the same company. Thank you.

In-Person Training

We hope to be able to return to in-person training at our branches in 2021, please email the contacts below to register, or for more information.

Phoenix, AZ2/28/218:30 – 11:30Stephanie Turner <>
Santa Fe Springs, CA2/11/218:30 – 11:30Lillian McCormick <>
Santa Fe Springs, CA2/11/2112:30 – 3:30Lillian McCormick <>
Portland, OR2/17/218:30 – 11:30Gregg Lemma <>
Seattle, WA2/18/218:30 – 11:30Gregg Lemma <>
Escondido, CA2/25/218:30 – 11:30Angela Gragg-Scott <>
Escondido, CA2/25/2112:30 – 3:30Angela Gragg-Scott <>
Sacramento, CA3/9/218:30 – 11:30Tracy Freitas <>
San Jose, CA3/11/218:30 – 11:30Fredy Vazquez <>
San Jose, CA3/11/2112:30 – 3:30Fredy Vazquez <>

Course Descriptions

These 3-hour courses are intended for individuals who generate or manage hazardous waste or who handle hazardous waste in any way, including signing hazardous waste or medical waste shipping papers. Courses address applicable EPA (and Cal/EPA) training requirements for hazardous waste handlers (40 CFR 262.16/17, 22 CCR 66265.16 & 66262.34, CA HSC 25505) as well as the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) “function-specific” training requirements (49 CFR 172.704) for signing hazardous materials shipping papers (such as a hazardous waste manifest or medical waste tracking documents).

This training covers the following EPA, Cal/EPA and DOT topics:

  • Regulatory background
  • Definitions of hazardous waste & universal waste (California & RCRA)
  • Definitions of DOT Hazard Classes
  • Labeling requirements (California & RCRA)
  • Storage requirements
  • Storage/accumulation time limits
  • Inspection requirements & Recordkeeping requirements
  • Sink disposal guidelines
  • Requirements for shipping hazardous materials (including hazardous waste and medical waste)
  • Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest and Medical Waste Tracking Documents

Remember – All employees who generate, inspect, ship, or work with hazardous waste are required to have annual training.

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