Working with ACTenviro has been a real pleasure. The level of customer service their staff provides is unmatched by other vendors I’ve dealt with.

ACTenviro’s technician and account manager are both knowledgeable and well versed in the EHS field. I have a great business relationship with them and look forward to continuing business with them for as long as possible. I have never had a single complaint and they have always produced quick and efficient results for me.


So pleased with the communication we had. You always kept me informed and moved the process along in a timely manner. Because of your communication skills I felt very comfortable trusting your company even though I am on the other side of the country in NY.

It is such a relief to have the barrels off the property.

In case anyone ever needs something like that again I gave my lawyer your information for future reference.

I also appreciate the before and after photos with your vehicle on the property. Nice touch!

Please let your crew know I was very pleased.

Let me take this opportunity and thank the ACT team for the outstanding support of our labs in keeping our bay waters clean.

Thank you for all your help. Your company is very customer oriented and I appreciate it.

For the past five years we have mostly had the same gentleman that collects our biowaste. I thought it really was about time to let you know how great he is! He is always, polite, cheerful and helpful. He always checks he has everything, often finding the right person to ask and is always very knowledgeable should we have any questions.

Thank you!

We recently had a waste job that was turned down by three companies. We contacted ACTenviro with what we had and added that we needed it done fairly quickly. ACT came to our site, saw the scope of work and realized it was going to be a challenging job. We were told without hesitation, “Don’t worry, we will take care of it. Let us reassess the situation and we will be back tomorrow.” I was sure we would not hear back. BUT, you came back the next day ready to work and got our mess of a project handled in a very quick and professional manner. The whole crew was respectful, professional and had the best customer service I have seen from anyone in a while. In closing, I would like to thank ACTenviro and the awesome service you provided for us. Your employees worked hard and long to help us in our time of need.

You all have been great to work with! I appreciate your prompt response and attention to my requests. This is truly GREAT SERVICE. Thank you again.

Thank you again for being so quick and doing such a great job today. Literally, the only thing we had to do was conduct our in-house reports.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thanks again!

Thank you so much for your work with us at our two project sites. ACT has been wonderful in response and support, and I very much appreciate all your work with our group as well as in supporting our subcontractors.

Thank you all so much for our Account Manager’s support, knowledge, service and, most of all, pricing!

It’s a pleasure doing business with your company.

This week we experienced a process disruption at one of our water treatment plants resulting in some sludge discharging to the onsite drainage ditch. With one phone call and a follow up email, a few hours later ACT confirmed they could be onsite the following day to remove the product. From my perspective, having just to make a phone call and respond to an email to get service onsite within 24 hours couldn’t be simpler but I know there is coordination on ACT side that I don’t see. I just want to express my appreciation for the great customer service I received from the employees at ACT.

Just writing to say we had a top-notch experience with ACT. Specifically, ACT’s Account Manager handled our urgent request thoroughly and pleasantly. I’m sure she had to balance other clients to meet our pressing needs, and it was greatly appreciated. There was also some “off-hours” correspondence that was essential in letting us get things done.

Thanks very much!

I have to say this was a new experience for my school district and me. I really thought this would be a really hard thing to do. Your company made it easy.

Your field chemist was great to work with. He took the time to explain and walk me through this process. He also worked well with my teachers and staff at all of my sites.

I would be happy to recommend ACT to any school district or company that needs to dispose of hazardous and/or radiological waste.

My school district is a much safer place now for all children, staff, and community members who use our sites!!

Thanks for a job well done!!

Without the ACT team’s willingness to help and dedication to their duty, we could not have pulled this off. No one from ACT complained about the around the clock work in the bitter cold and the long days and nights. Operations were able to continue.

I want to thank ACT for your dedication and professionalism and willingness to help. I know that some of your team sacrificed time at your company Christmas party to be at our site and support our need.

I look forward to working with ACT in the future.

I’m glad you contacted me when you did. I found ACT to be very easy to work with and very professional. I’ve already moved you to the top of my preferred vendors list for hazardous waste disposal for Arizona and am trying to work you into our California vendors list, which is currently chosen by another branch. However, we are working on a Corporate level to standardize our hazardous waste disposal procedures, from generation of waste to characterization of waste to selection of vendors.

We would like to express to you our warmest admiration for your unfailing service to us as one of our regular suppliers. We greatly appreciate your efficiency in providing best services to us as one of our critical service providers. You have always provided your services within the timeframe and you have given us the best of quality. We have never received any unsatisfactory service and never had any problems with any of our hazardous waste scheduled pick-ups from your company.

We hope you will continue with your exceptional service in the coming years as well and look forward to a long association with you.

I just wanted to acknowledge the great costumer service ACT provided me over this past week. As warm, summer months start to hit Santa Clara County, we are experiencing draught issues never seen before. Currently, we are no longer actively supplying water to numerous percolation ponds used to recharge the groundwater supply. As result of the current practice, we are experiencing dry back conditions in local ponds, resulting in numerous dead fish. Some of these recharge ponds are immediately adjacent to neighboring homes. With ACT’s support, we’ve already starting transporting dead fish offsite. Our project manager expressed his thanks to me for getting the offsite disposal coordinated in such a short timeframe. I can honestly say this was solely due to ACT’s effort – I just made the request. ACT continues to make me feel like a valued costumer.

I was quite pleased with ACT’s performance in support of my latest project, the replacement of a Waste Water Treatment unit. ACT’s role was to provide hazardous waste management in close coordination with multiple vendors on a very tight timeline. ACT provided temporary storage tanks for waste water while we decommissioned the old system and installed the new one. They provided transportation and disposal for both treatment sludge and the old tank. This involved confined space entry to accomplish tank cleaning, supply of a vacuum truck and end-dump for transport as well as labor to support the project. At project’s end they returned to clean out the temporary storage tanks and prepare them for return. All work was accomplished on time and in a professional manner.

The job went well. ACT was well-prepared and did a great job. They thoroughly decontaminated the area and took extra precautions to ensure no mercury was spread through the facility while removing the porosimeter. I was pleased with their service and performance. Thank you for a job well done.

ACT provided excellent and conscientious service for us. ACT was functional in our transition and carried out a significant job keeping the facility in compliance with regulatory agencies. ACT is reliable, honest and quick to respond to our needs. ACT carefully reviews and recommends alternative resources with competitive pricing. Overall, I have full confidence in ACT.

Our Account Manager and ACT in general have been outstanding in responsiveness to pick-ups and deliveries, including the delivery of preprinted HW labels. ACT meets our time schedules, including our sometimes short notice requests, with the utmost professionalism. ACT’s help with year-end reports and other data requests is timely and thorough. We have a good working relationship that I believe will continue well into the future. On a personal note: ACT has made my transition into EHS at my job a much smoother one. Thank you.

Based on my experience, I strongly recommend ACT for environmental-related services to other companies in the fields of design, manufacturing and distribution.

Our company uses ACT to haul away environmental wastes, and I’d recommend their service anytime. Our company’s Regional Account Representative is very responsive. ACT’s pricing is competitive and they do not nickel and dime you for each service that they provide. Other environmental professionals who use them also noted their customer service.

So, if you’re a small or medium-sized company, use them – they provide competitive pricing and very good customer service. I used to work for a large company, and ACT provided on-site turnkey services in addition to hazwaste hauling. Yes, if you use Clean Harbors, it may be cheaper. But ACT’s customer service cannot be beat.

Most hazwaste services are pricey and similar in cost. What makes ACT my choice is their customer service, compliance history and intellectual resources.

ACT has exceptional customer service. They are always very responsive and aim to meet the challenges of our company’s on-site hazardous waste management through their well-trained and very knowledgeable technicians.

I am really pleased with our decision to transfer waste service to ACT. The account manager was helpful and attentive with service set-up and the technician was informative, making the process so easy.

ACT has provided great service for us. You provide reliable service along with competitive pricing and you have done a great job at keeping us in compliance with the regulatory agencies.

I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you and your company for participating in our recent prescription take back event, which was very successful in both the quantity of prescription medications and medical sharps collected as well as positive community feedback. Citizens were grateful for the alternate drop off location and they were extremely happy to see we had sharps collection. I just wanted to take the time and thank you again. Your willingness to partner with the police department during this event reflects positively on you and your company’s commitment to public service and to the citizens of our county. I look forward to working with you again on future events.

Thanks! Yesterday morning we had an issue that caused seven tools to be shut down (that’s a big deal). I contacted ACTenviro, which immediately sent a response team. I worked with them through the afternoon to get work plans in place, building impairments, etc. I left around 5:30pm with the ACT team still elbow deep in demo/decon.

This morning, I came in to see how everything went and was pleasantly surprised – everything is complete and completely cleaned up. I could not have received better service. Thanks – their work has helped us to recover the tools as quickly as possible.

Our account manager and his support team’s responsiveness and personalized service make doing business with ACTenviro a real pleasure. ACT handles my client’s chemical, biological and radioactive waste.