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San Jose, CA 95133
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In addition to transportation and disposal of hazardous waste, ACT offers an array of technical services to support the overall environmental needs of its clients. These services include:

  • On-site services — ACT has experienced technicians, chemists and project managers to assist with the daily bulking and labeling of satellite waste-collection containers within laboratories and/or other waste storage areas. ACT can also conduct regular checks of fire extinguishers, safety showers and eye wash stations.
  • Equipment decontamination and cleaning — ACT has successful experience cleaning and defacilitizing complex semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.
  • Chemical moves — Most companies do not have permits to move hazardous materials. ACT provides this service as well as support for relocating individual laboratories and entire facilities. We have the capabilities to move hazardous chemicals a few blocks or across the entire country.
  • Chemical inventory — Since most companies are required to update their chemical inventories annually, ACT offers assistance with keeping these inventories current.
  • Site closure — ACT has extensive experience in closing contaminated sites and restoring them to safe and acceptable levels.
  • Emergency spill response — ACT currently offers emergency spill support for most commercial and R & D spills. Many of our clients list ACT as their first responder in their HMBP.

Technical Services
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