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Corporate Headquarters

967 Mabury Road
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 548-5050
(408) 548-5052

Our Location

Chris DeanChris’ promotion to Onsite Contract Manager is well deserved based on his tenure since 2006 as Characterization Chemist. He joined ACT in February 2012 at Sandia. Prior to 2006, he worked for the State of New Mexico Dept. of Health Laboratory System, where he served 27 years as Supervisor of The Environmental Inorganic Chemistry Lab, as well Director of Quality Control for the Chemistry, Biological, Medical Investigator, and Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratories. Chris earned bachelor’s degrees in biology and chemistry from the University of New Mexico. He returned to UNM to earn a master’s degree in biochemistry, as well as master’s in toxicology, and also during this time he completed an Environmental Management Certification from UNM School of Engineering.





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