Smells Like Holiday Spirit

Group Shot with Donations At ACTenviro, nothing defines the holiday season more than a focus on giving to others. Our do-it-all sales support supervisor Marta Prada spearheaded ACT’s toy and clothing drive this year, as she has since time immemorial. Everybody pitched in – so much so that we overfilled four fiber drums with goodies for deserving tots. Marta (standing directly to the left of the tree) and a few of her elves took a minute to pose with their bounty just before it was hauled off by Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. Our toy drive is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ACT’s annual holiday charitable giving, though. Once again, the company gave to over a dozen charities – which were suggested by employees and spread across ACT’s service geography – this year. Wendy in Wreath In addition to Marta, we’d be remiss if we didn’t single out for recognition our resident elf on the shelf, operations support supervisor Wendy Laney. Her holiday spirit is so infectious that the rest of us can’t help but get into the swing of things, too. Whether it comes to a giant wreath or a rooftop, light-up tree, Wendy can source it and install it, all without missing a beat in the course of her regular duties. Tree of Lights Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you this year. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2019!
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