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Corporate Headquarters

967 Mabury Road
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 548-5050
(408) 548-5052

Our Location

We provide these services for a diverse set of client industries, such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Research, High Tech and many more. With ACT’s expertise and experience, some of the most prestigious companies and organizations are becoming safer and more profitable.

Transportation and Disposal

We provide a comprehensive solution for all your hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs.
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Remediation and Construction

We design, construct, operate, maintain and provide long-term monitoring of remediation systems.
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Technical Services

We offer an array of technical services to support the overall environmental needs of our clients.
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High Hazard Services

Our customized services include everything you need to handle the most hazardous situations and chemicals.
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We use our national transportation system to deliver spent materials to the most green and economic outlets.
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Operations and Maintenance

We are experienced in operations and maintenance of Hazardous Waste Facilities.
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Bulk Solids Disposal

We handle everything from routinely-generated bulk solid waste to large soil and asbestos abatement projects.
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We own and operate fully-permitted (Part B RCRA) Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities.
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Vacuum Truck Services

We provide both scheduled and emergency, state-of-the-art vacuum services.
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Parts Washer Service

Our aqueous / water-based parts washer systems are environmentally friendly and contain “zero VOC’s”. Non-solvent systems are non-toxic.
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Emergency Response

ACTenviro’s hazardous materials emergency response service offers safe, fast, reliable and professional response service to chemical and petroleum releases 24/7.
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Microwave Disinfection System

The first of its kind in California to offer a waste-to-energy option – will enable you to “go green” by safely disposing of your medical waste in a way that is both economical and environmentally-friendly.

We are reshaping the way in which regulated medical waste is disposed of with our innovative Microwave Disinfection System, which combines proven microwave disinfection technology with precise computer controls to deliver a superior waste processing system.

ACT Medical can also provide incineration or other processing options for chemotherapy waste, pharmaceuticals and other materials where microwave disinfection is not appropriate.
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Environmental Engineering

We provide a unique perspective on contaminated sites, with unparalleled understanding of hazardous waste management. Our experience, deep subject matter expertise and knowledgeable technicians enable us to provide expedient, cost-effective solutions to your environmental issues.
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Environmental Management

ACT provides full service environmental management services throughout the US. We have the experience and the expertise to help you develop effective programs, comply with environmental regulations and minimize your environmental impact. Our team of highly-skilled environmental consultants is available to provide on-site support, in a full- or part-time capacity, to supplement existing staff or lead delivery of new environmental initiatives.
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Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance

ACT’s occupational health and safety consultants partner with our clients to reduce workplace injuries and meet compliance and strategic business goals. Our experienced Certified Safety and Industrial Hygiene Professionals work to increase environmental, health and safety awareness, decrease accident and injury rates, increase productivity and educate employees about their company’s HSE priorities.
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