Hazardous Waste Disposal in Seattle

One of Washington state’s busiest city centers, Seattle is also home to a diverse wilderness that’s a joy to explore. One way of protecting Seattle’s urban and natural attractions is through correct transportation and disposal of hazardous waste. That includes different kinds of dangerous wastes, such as household hazardous waste (HHW), medical waste, and bulk solids.

ACTenviro is one of the best waste disposal companies in the “Emerald City”. We can help different-sized homes and businesses dispose of and recycle hazardous waste in ways that maintain safety and efficiency.

ACTenviro can offer wide-ranging waste disposal services for Washington State’s largest city such as:

Our experts can craft customized waste disposal plans so homes, businesses, and agencies can use different procedures, activities, and processes in the most efficient way possible. Meanwhile, our highly-experienced consulting services can dispose of different kinds of toxic waste safely, effectively, and legally. ACTenviro has up to 20 years of industry experience since its founding in 2000.

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