Safety Is Our Highest Priority, and We Have the Trophy To Prove It

We couldn’t be prouder to have claimed the annual Highest Fleet Winner award from our trucking insurance program group captive! The hardware in the picture is ours to keep and display for a year – just like the Stanley Cup. This group shot of our San Jose branch and Corporate team members encapsulates several of the factors that put us in position to win awards like this one:
  • Safety is the first of ACTenviro’s core values (“The foundation of our culture – not a goal, an expectation.”)
  • We have a named safety program, proACTive, as shown on the banner that drivers see each time they exit our yard
  • proACTive has four cores of its own, which are represented by the acronym I CARE:
    • Involvement
    • Commitment
    • Accountability & Rewards
    • Expectations
  • Further to the Commitment point, the picture was taken after one of our frequent, branch-wide safety meetings
  • The trophy itself is being held up by Nicole Martinez, one of the co-chairs of our San Jose branch’s employee-led safety committee
We at ACTenviro have a lot to celebrate over the holiday season, but nothing is worthier of celebration than sending our employees home safe to their families at the end of each workday. To everyone who had a hand in us winning this award, congratulations!
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