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Who We Are. At our core, ACT is proud of the family values that we inculcate in every aspect of our business. We offer the same care and attention to detail for all of our clients; from small businesses to fortune 500 companies. As such, we have become nationally-recognized, single waste management source provider for all your hazardous and toxic wastes.

Committed to full compliance. Available for viewing upon request, ACT’s permits and certifications are issued by local, state and federal agencies. We exercise “zero tolerance” in terms of safety and documentation and practice five times higher than the insurance mandated by law. As such, our clients can always be assured that we practice conscientious methods and maintain the highest of standards in all our waste management services for safe handling of harmful waste.

Committed to protecting the environment. We protect what matters – the environment, our families and the goals of your business. We do all these through socially and ecologically responsible solutions ensuring that all harmful and toxic waste are treated, processed and disposed of in the safest and most environmentally-friendly means possible.

Innovative, cutting edge waste disposal and environmental management services and solutions. Our creative solutions have helped our clients recycle an average of 87% of their waste shipments. We invest only in the latest in cutting edge technology that’s sustainable and planet-friendly. Our facilities, equipment and staff follow and maintain only the highest environmental standards mandated by law. Still, we constantly innovate and find the newest solutions that continually benefit our clients and ultimately the environment especially through waste management disposal and waste management recycling.

Expert care and support. All our clients’ concerns are handled in a smooth, efficient and expert manner by our dedicated customer care team. Meticulously trained to handle all requests and all concerns of our clients, our team of hazwaste specialists are on standby and ready to assist you whenever help is needed.

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About Us

ACTenviro is involved in all facets of hazardous waste management, with locations throughout the western United States. We are your single source provider for all your hazardous and biological waste management, recycling, disposal, treatment, health and safety, and compliance needs.

Our Facilities and Equipment

ACT owns and operates fully permitted TSDFs. We facilitate the recycling, fuel blending, treatment, incineration and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We also own an extensive fleet of trucks, including box vans, semi-trailers, roll trucks and vacuum tankers.

Committed to Compliance

ACT is in full compliance with Federal and State DOT and EPA regulations. ACT also possesses a workers comp rating of 0.69 – well below the industry average of 1.0.

Microwave Disinfection System

ACT Medical’s New Microwave Disinfection System – the first of its kind in California to offer a waste-to-energy option – will enable you to “go green” by safely disposing of your medical waste in a way that is both economical and environmentally-friendly.