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What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place? The simplest answer would be getting to know more about ACT…

To start with, ACT is dignified to share the values that are being instilled in the business.  We are committed to maintain and preserve the environment’s wellness with a focus on protecting people, promoting health and saving the planet.  As part of our dedication, we operate in ways that could make us both socially and ecologically responsible as single waste management source provider for hazardous and toxic wastes.

ACT includes ensuring federal and state regulatory compliance, exercising “zero tolerance” in terms of safety and documentation and perform five times higher than the insurance mandated by law.  People can guarantee that we exercise thorough methods and provide the highest standards in all our waste management services for safe handling of harmful waste.  Such procedures are made to improve employee and customer safety at the same time protecting the environment, as we constantly benefit our clients and the environment especially through waste management disposal and waste management recycling.

ACT protect what matters – the environment, our families and the goals of your business, constantly searching for new innovations and solutions that will help clients and the team achieve greener goals and sustain healthy communities.  All our clients’ concerns are handled in a mild, efficient and adept manner by our devoted customer care team.  Trained to handle all requests and concerns of our clients, our team of hazardous waste specialists are on standby and always prepared to assist you whenever help is needed.

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“ACT’s commitment of achieving goals will create a big impact of saving the planet.  Groups worldwide are advancing their ways to make a breakthrough with the objectives for a greener environment for humankind and Mother Earth.”

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About Us

ACTenviro is involved in all facets of hazardous waste management, with locations throughout the western United States. We are your single source provider for all your hazardous and biological waste management, recycling, disposal, treatment, health and safety, and compliance needs.

Our Facilities and Equipment

ACT owns and operates fully permitted TSDFs. We facilitate the recycling, fuel blending, treatment, incineration and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We also own an extensive fleet of trucks, including box vans, semi-trailers, roll trucks and vacuum tankers.

Committed to Compliance

ACT is in full compliance with Federal and State DOT and EPA regulations. ACT also possesses a workers comp rating of 0.69 – well below the industry average of 1.0.

Microwave Disinfection System

ACT Medical’s New Microwave Disinfection System – the first of its kind in California to offer a waste-to-energy option – will enable you to “go green” by safely disposing of your medical waste in a way that is both economical and environmentally-friendly.