ACT has long been recognized as a national and local leader in recycling, ranking in the top 100 recycling companies nationwide. ACT is an expert at finding outlets for spent materials and uses its national transportation system to deliver the materials to the most green and economic outlets. For example, the spent materials in the semiconductor industry make perfect bulk materials for the painting industry, and items with a high BTU value can be sent as fuels to cement kilns as for producing cement. Certain non-hazardous items can even be converted to energy.

ACT’s recycling service is your connection between generators of waste materials and consumers who turn these materials into new products. ACT provides extensive recycling options for the following:

  • Solvents
  • High-BTU solids and liquids
  • Aqueous solutions
  • Batteries
  • Universal Waste (fluorescent tubes, mercury, etc.)
  • E-waste
  • Light ballasts
  • “Exit” signs
  • Precious metal-bearing waste
  • Used Oil
  • Cardboard, paper, plastics, etc.

Recycling Services
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