Pushing Green Initiatives Internally

shutterstock_296805227Here at ACT, we’re always advocating for the use of sound environmental practices and procedures in the workplace. A core part of our business consists of helping clients find solutions to improve their environmental stewardship. In our own internal operations, we make it a priority to “practice what we preach.” Not only do we utilize the same techniques that we teach our clients, we are constantly on the lookout for greener approaches to our own new and ongoing projects. As one example of this, over the next few months at ACT, our HR team is working diligently to implement new payroll and HR systems. We have many goals in this implementation: improving processes, streamlining data and positioning back office systems for the rapid growth our company is experiencing, to name a few. Perhaps the most important goal, however, is transitioning our HR documentation to a paperless environment. With the new systems in place, we will keep a paperless record for employees throughout their tenure with ACT. From the first day an employee comes on board throughout the rest of the time s/he is with us, employees will never need to fill out paper forms for their records. In addition to new employees, we are converting our old paper files to a digital format as we implement these changes. These very exciting initiatives will not only help us become more efficient, they will further our goal to be a model of environmental stewardship. Going forward, we will continue to find ways to become more efficient while as we press the environmental initiative internally. We are looking forward to the future and the possibilities that we can help build on as the HR team and as members of ACT Environmental Services! – Michael Coomer, Human Resources Manager P.S. What green initiatives have you taken in your workplace? Drop us a line and let us know – the more knowledge we share, the more good we can do for the planet.
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