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ACTenviro is proud to partner with PaintCare Inc., a non-profit organization representing paint manufacturers/producers to plan and operate paint stewardship programs in U.S. and jurisdictions that pass paint stewardship laws.

In states where PaintCare operates, we encourage households and businesses to take their unwanted, leftover paint to a PaintCare drop-off site. Most locations are paint retailers, which are convenient locations open year-round and seven days a week. Across the ten PaintCare programs, there are more than 2,000 drop-off sites, most of which are paint retailers.

To be accepted for drop-off, PaintCare products must be in their original containers of no larger than 5 gallons in size, must have the original manufacturer’s printed label on the container, and must be covered with a secured lid. We cannot accept open or leaking cans. Please review the detailed list below of PaintCare products and non-PaintCare products: PaintCare Products vs. Non-PaintCare Products

We accept PaintCare qualifying containers at 8 of our ACTenviro branches:

  1. Escondido, CA
  2. Redlands, CA
  3. San Jose, CA
  4. Dixon, CA
  5. Merced, CA
  6. Commerce City, CO
  7. Tacoma, WA
  8. Clackamas, OR

To see all drop-off locations, visit:

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