Our Microwave Disinfection Unit: So Nice (to the Environment), We Did It Twice

earth-day If you are a generator of medical waste, by now you have hopefully either used our Microwave Disinfection Unit (MDU) capabilities to convert your red bag waste to energy or at least seen our video about the process. To celebrate Earth Day 2018, we’re announcing the arrival of our second MDU! Located alongside its older sibling at our Escondido branch, this new workhorse officially came online in January and is already processing 50% of the medical waste we receive! We built a custom conveyor belt system to transport processed waste from this new MDU to the same bin that our first MDU outputs into for ease of transport to our waste-to-energy facility partners. See the GIF video below for a glimpse of the belt in action. Conveyor Belt GIF In terms of our overall medical waste volumes, processing a pound of medical waste was so nice, we did it two million times! That’s right – we crossed the two million pounds processed threshold late last year. We look forward to the next two million pounds, and many more after that, as we partner with you, our medical waste generator clients, to continue diverting medical waste from landfills to waste-to-energy facilities. Whether you are a generator or not, the next time you flip on a light switch, just think – the power that brightens the room may have come from medical waste that got a second chance at life instead of being buried in the ground. Now that’s worth celebrating. Happy Earth Day, everyone!
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