Our Commitment to Our Customers, Documented

At ACTenviro, we strive to foster a company culture that values safety, family, professionalism and forward thinking. Our fifth core value is customer commitment, and it is no less important than the others. We take great pride in doing the right thing for our customers, and we try to take advantage of every opportunity to do so. Since transitioning to our current customer survey platform last September, we have received 57 responses from regular customers. While we are of course happy to see positive ratings and read kudos, we value the constructive feedback even more. As positive thinking champion Norman Vincent Peale once said, “The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” We feel that continued progress is as close to perfection as one can get; there is always more to learn, there are always ways to improve. With that said, here are our aggregated results:

How do you rate your most recent service from ACTenviro?

Most Recent Service

How do you rate your overall level of service from ACTenviro?

Overall Level of Service Particularly when considering that the bottom two options of “fair” and “poor” never show up, the results from our customer satisfaction surveys look great...but we must remain critical. For example, we must determine why customers rated their most recent service “Truly Exceptional” less often than they did for their overall level of service. Relatedly, we must ask ourselves how we can improve our service from Good to Great, and Great to Truly Exceptional. Throughout our company, from drivers to account managers, we must embrace our ability to contribute to a positive experience for our customers. To show our appreciation and commitment to our customers who filled out the surveys, each customer’s account manager has hand-delivered a water bottle and addressed possible improvements. It is important to let our customers know that they are free to share their thoughts and feelings with us and that we will not take any criticism personally. By contrast, we see feedback as an opportunity to become a better company. This is attitude may explain why 84% of our customers are very likely to recommend us and an additional 9% are somewhat likely, as shown below: Recommendations Still, capitalizing on the 16% possible growth in “very likely to recommend” customers will be a key to our future success. We are hard at work on this and will report back on our progress next year!
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