Congratulations to our 2023 4th Quarter Coin Winners!

Author: ACTenviro
Date: March 20, 2024

Please help us congratulate the following ACTenviro team members who were recognized in the fourth quarter of 2023!

The goal of the ACTenviro Coin Recognition Program is to recognize and honor our employees for their exemplary teamwork and contributions. Our coins are presented for model performance, safety culture, and/or positive representation of ACTenviro—specifically for going above-and-beyond the expectations of our culture.

  • Jeff M. (Texas)
  • Kirk E. (Texas)
  • Rozy S. (Sacramento)
  • Cesar L. (Sacramento)
  • Jennifer G. (Sacramento)
  • Skylar W. (Sacramento)
  • George W. (Sacramento)
  • David A. (Sacramento)
  • Bianca G. (Sacramento)
  • Eric S. (Sacramento)
  • Latrell W. (Sacramento)
  • Wayne C. (Sacramento)
  • Timothy R. (Sacramento)
  • LaRhonda C. (Sacramento)
  • Richard W. (Sacramento)
  • Alejandro G. (Merced) - RSM reported to us that one of our largest Customers had expressed how pleased they have been with Alex’s on-site services and Bruce recommended that we recognize him with an Operations Coin for his great work.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Matt M. (Merced) - Matt has been doing a great job servicing one of our National Accounts. The reason for this Operations Coin is to let him know that we recognize his efforts when it comes to staying on top of his pickups & customers by doing things as small and simple as checking in with us to make sure that we have re-ordered the special bags we leave at customer’s sites every time. They require them, and we go through a lot, so when he sees that we are getting low he is proactive and gives us a reminder to re-order them to avoid running out.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Eduardo M. (Merced) - Both team members (Eduardo and Dawson) stepped up to the plate and took complete ownership for the servicing of a large National Account win we recently had in the Central Valley. They were able to get so efficient that they completed servicing all of the stores in weeks rather than the months we had estimated it could have taken. Most importantly, the customers were happy with the service.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Dawson D. (Merced) - For our inaugural welcome meetings with Republic Services, we were fortunate to have so many important and friendly people take time from their busy schedules to welcome us in person and spend some time just getting to know us. It was a great experience and an even better way to start our new future with such an amazing and caring company. The only thing that could have made this better was to add some great food to the mix and we did. Dawson was one of the main ones behind the scenes, setting up the dining area, cleaning everything up, putting up a nice screen so we could all watch the presentations together clearly, etc. It was his job to do this, but he took ownership and made it extra special, and we appreciate his efforts in helping make these days amazing!
  • Albert M. (Merced) - Had a couple of days where he had a delay or change in his schedule at the last minute. Without being told Albert just goes into cleaning mode when this happens. He doesn’t sit around and give you the ”that’s not my job” response that so many people do these days. He just gets to it and starts cleaning and organizing until his regularly scheduled work is back on track.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Gilbert O. T. (Merced) - We have just recently been working hard to win back an account that we had lost many years ago, and we seem to be making the customer very happy, a lot in part to our Project Supervisor, Gilbert. He has a great work ethic, is safe, and communicates very well with customers. The customer appreciates him, but we also let him know that we appreciate him even more. One of our Broker customers regularly has good things to say about the service and attention that he gets from Gilbert. He asks for him by name and if he is doing any type of complicated pickup, would many times prefer to reschedule and wait for Gilbert, if needed, because they work so well together.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Alex G. (Merced) - Our local University always seems to call us for projects that are a little out of the norm. Thinking outside of the box is what is usually needed to produce great solutions and Alex does this for us with that client. He has over 20 years’ experience and when he starts thinking and working, it’s like a faucet because all that knowledge and experience flow—we are grateful for that and so it the client.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Chris I. (Merced) - Chris along with the Dock Supervisor usually take care of the heavy flow of containers coming in and out of our facility. When the Dock Supervisor took a week of vacation, you could hardly tell from the outside. I know that Chris along with help from other co-workers stepped up and had to put in some extra effort, but they did a great job, and it was appreciated by all.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Daniel D. (Merced) – Daniel has been helping whenever possible to prep loads for drivers/tech for the following days. When his plate is getting empty, he always looks for the Ops Manager or the Branch Manager to see if they have any things that he can help with to keep things moving smoothly.  -Henry DeSousa
  • John R. (Merced) - His outgoing personality and unmatched work ethic are a big part of why a recent project we have been doing with de-watering bins has gone well. He gets the job done and communicates very well with the ACTenviro Account Manager, the Customer’s Representative, Operations, and the TSDF. We have had many challenges getting this to work our right, but John has been crucial in most of those steps, and it is appreciated very much by all!  -Henry DeSousa
  • Frank A. (Merced) - A 3rd party hauler came in to haul one of our trailers, he discovered that one of the mudflaps was just barely hanging on by a thread. Rather than having us send him to the shop, causing extra charges and delays, Frank offered to take care of it quickly before he left to do his normal stops for the day. He is always helping with hydraulic hoses, light bulbs, etc. His diesel mechanics background comes in very hand on a regular basis, and he is very appreciated because of it and the positive attitude he has when doing these things.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Adrian A. (Merced) - Adrian has been maintaining our drums going in and out of our facility very well and keeping them in compliance. His schedule and work times must vary at times due to last minute 3rd party hauler arrival time changes, but he makes it work and does it with the same smile and laugh he has all day at work.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Anthony R. (Merced) - When we need an emergency welding repair on a bin or the dock, we simply call Anthony, and he finds a way to fit it into his schedule. Most of the time it’s very short notice, but he doesn’t complain; instead, he shows up with a smile and helps everyone else have an even better day.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Jaime M (Merced) - Jaime has had various HHW customers let us know that he has been doing an amazing job. He is always friendly, does a great job, and if the customer ever has a question or concern, he listens and tries to get a solution. Sometimes he can do it himself, other times he passes the message onto the appropriate person, but either way he makes sure the customer’s concern is not neglected.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Chris S. (Merced) - He has been very flexible recently when it comes to changing things at the last minute. We can have him preparing an outbound load, and then need a quick supply run or helping with a last-minute local pickup or emergency response, and he finds a way to fit it in and get it done for us. It does not go unnoticed and for that reason he has earned this Operations Coin.  -Henry DeSousa
  • Willie I. (Merced) - Willie has done a great job at providing quick response time for multiple customers that have had their parts washers and paint gun cleaning machines go down, this in addition to his normally scheduled duties. These units run many hours every day and take a beating. Parts are going to wear out and fail, that is expected. What the customers did not expect was how quickly we would be out to get the unit up and running again to provide as minimal a disruption to their business activities. This is in great part due to Willie. Our customers appreciate it and so do we!  -Henry DeSousa


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