Congratulations to our California Operations Coin Winner, Rozy Sazo!

We would like to congratulate Rozy Sazo on being awarded the Q1 Operations Recognition Coin! As Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Project Supervisor at our Sacramento location, Rozy has been a key player in the tremendous growth and development of the northern California HHW program over the past year.

Our HHW clients consistently recognize Rozy for her excellence in service, positive attitude, and tireless efforts to ensure our HHW sites are best-in-class. Rozy, along with Marc Winkler, and the entire NorCal team have worked together to successfully establish more than a dozen HHW programs since early 2021! An amazing team effort!

Our Coin Recognition Program celebrates exemplary performance and positive representation of ACTenviro. The goal of the program is ultimately to recognize our great employees for their efforts. Keep up the amazing work, Rozy!

ACTenviro has successfully renewed their Gold Shovel Standard Certification

Gold Shovel Standard Certification is a widely recognized indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement. Excavators within Gold Shovel Standard rely on Gold Shovel Standard technology to measure safety and efficacy and can present hard data to support their reputation. Gold Shovel Standard has rapidly become a permanent fixture in much of North America as the industry has embraced this important program. GSS certification is already required to work at specific client sites and is gaining popularity among the energy industry. Notably, GSS has been embraced by some of the largest telecom companies, gas and electric utilities, pipeline operators, engineering firms and a variety of municipalities.

As ACTenviro continues to expand into new geographies and service lines, the GSS certification continues to provide a competitive edge as an important resource.

About Gold Shovel Standard

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving workforce and public safety and the integrity of buried infrastructure. GSS believes that greater transparency in all aspects of damage prevention among buried-asset operators, locators and excavators is essential to drive continuous improvement, and vital to increasingly safe working conditions and communities.

Learn more about the program at 

Congratulations and Thank You to Gina Bailey for More Than 20 years with ACTenviro!

Last week, Gina Bailey celebrated not 20, but 21 YEARS as an integral part of the ACTenviro team!

A colleague who works closely with her has this to say:

“Gina has been with the San Diego/Escondido Branch since its start in 2001. Throughout the last 21 years, Gina has spent most of her time her as Office Manager but wears many hats in support of the branch.  “Momma Gina”—as many call her—is always there to help others and is constantly looking for ways to make things better. Gina’s daily influence, and great sense of humor make the Escondido branch a great place to work! From typing manifests on a typewriter way back in the day, to single handedly billing more than 1,000 sales orders in a month, Gina’s commitment and dedication remain an example for us all. Gina, you are greatly appreciated and loved by all of us here in Escondido. Congratulations!”

Congrats on your milestone, Gina!

Sandia Team Members Celebrate 10-Year Anniversaries

This month, members of our Sandia branch team celebrate a huge milestone—10 years of service at ACTenviro! The team went out for lunch and had a good time telling their funniest and weirdest stories as part of the team. We appreciate all their commitment and are very grateful to have such a great team!

Congratulations to our awesome team members and thank you for all you do!

Celebrating Jason Catalano’s 20 Years with ACTenviro!


Last month, Jason Catalano achieved a huge milestone—20 years of his career with ACTenviro! Jason is an invaluable member to our team. He demonstrates his innovative skills and hard work every day—both when starting his career as a driver, and throughout the last decade in his role as Senior Account Manager.

Congratulations to Jason on his outstanding 20-year career with our organization. We’re wishing him the best of luck in the next 20 at ACTenviro!

Congratulations to Nichole Gwash on 10 Years with ACTenviro!

December 2021 marked Nichole Gwash’s 10-year anniversary with ACTenviro! Nichole is instrumental in the smooth running of our TSDF facility. She oversees all administrative functions of the facility relating to operations, human resources, compliance, training, and accounting. She also ensures all records are current, accurate, and easily accessible. As a loyal and dedicated team member, Nichole brings passion and drive to her ACTenviro facility team every day.

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication within your office and the whole organization!

Celebrating Ron Martinez’s 10-Year Anniversary with ACTenviro

Roy Martinez
Roy Martinez

Congratulations to Ron Martinez! We would like to extend our best wishes and true appreciation to Ron on his 10th anniversary with ACTenviro!

Ron is our most senior and trusted Over-the-Road Driver for our Treatment (TSDF) location in Albuquerque. He is always selected for new runs and disposal facilities to provide us valuable feedback. He reached the 1-million-mile driving mark several years ago! According to his colleagues, he is a great driver, team player, always puts safety first, and has been a pleasure to work with over the last 10 years. The team had a lunch celebration for both Ron’s million-mile and 10-year anniversary.

It’s been wonderful having you on the team for the last 10 years and your contributions and commitment is commendable—we wish you the best today and in the future!

Announcing a New Look for InterACT: Branding ACTenviro Customer Portal

Announcing a New Look for InterACT: Branding ACTenviro Customer Portal

When we launched our portal, InterACT, earlier this year, we had one goal: to provide the very best online customer experience that you have come to expect from the people and services of ACTenviro. You have been among the first invited to use the portal and we hope you have found it useful and beneficial to your business. We have big ambitions for the portal so expect it continue to improve over time. That’s where you come in. As the first users your feedback has been and will continue to be invaluable. We want to make sure it is a tool that helps you in your business.

The initial name and logo, InterACT, was somewhat descriptive and was in line with the master brand. But it was too limiting. We needed to evolve it if we wanted to grow. We felt the portal as a customer facing platform and tool was deserving of its own identity as a sub-brand of ACTenviro.

Over the last few months, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery to understand InterACTs purpose, who it serves, and what the future could be.

What is a brand?

A brand is the representation of the essence of a company’s core beliefs. The master brand was redesigned in 2016 when ACT became known as ACTenviro. Its colors, shades blue and green, speak our core values and commitment to protecting the environment. A sub-brand under the master brand needs to reflect a similar ethos and pathos.

What is in a name?

Well, a lot actually. A name should have some meaning. It can be completely descriptive, or it can convey an emotion or concept. Without going into too much detail we thought you might like a little taste of how we did it and why Summit became the new identity.

What did it take?

We start with a list of what “it” does and its relationships. Then we brainstorm with various names, words, and acronyms.

It was important that the name was easy to pronounce and understand yet reflected the core attributes of the platform. The result was that we would name the portal Summit. The word itself is easy to say, spell, and understand by most. And, that checked a lot of boxes on our list of “must haves”.

The Summit Logo

The concept of a summit evokes a high vantage point, possibly mountainous terrain. The wordmark (font) is solid and strong. It is joined by a graphic element which reflects the image of a mountain range. The addition of what could be a water droplet is one thing that ties it back to the master logo for ACTenviro and our commitment to protecting the environment. The color palette is also carefully chosen to align with the master brand.

What’s next?

So, last month we launched our new name and look for the portal, a refined user interface, and dashboard. If you haven’t logged in yet you can check it out for yourself HERE. We hope you like it.

ACTenviro ranks No. 26 as one of San Diego’s Fastest Growing Private Companies!

We are excited to announce our feature as one of San Diego Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Medium Private Companies for 2020. As a champion of industry innovation, our San Diego branch serves as ACTenviro’s medical waste processing hub powered by our Microwave Disinfection System — the first of its kind in California to offer a waste-to-energy option. Thank you to our incredible San Diego team who continues to push for industry innovation, propelling our growth, and helping companies reach their sustainability goals along the way!

ACTenviro Ranks on the Inc. 5000 List for 2020!

We are immensely proud to announce that ACTenviro is once again on the annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Making the list represents a unique look at ACTenviro and how we stay successful as an independent-small business. This list has every range of company on it from Fortune 50, to independent small businesses with twenty to twenty-five people. ACTenviro is proud to have made this annual list eleven years in a row!

As we always say, though it never gets old, this award belongs to each and every one of our employees in the ACT family, who have continued to uphold our core values and propel the company forward. This year in our 20th year of incorporation, a year that has had some unprecedented challenges, the passion and dedication of our team shines even brighter.