May 2023—ACTenviro Travels to Guam After Super Typhoon Mawar

At the end of May, ACTenviro traveled to Guam in response to Super Typhoon Mawar. Our team was tasked with transporting and disposing of Household Hazardous Waste from the damage of the typhoon. The transportation and disposal team provided field services to label, manifest, create profiles, and account for every piece of waste, along with coordinate transportation while on island. 

ACTenviro also provided chemist support to categorize, identify, and segregate thousands of unknown chemicals for packaging and shipping. A total of 21 40-ft containers of electronic waste, 3 40-ft containers of solar panels, and 14 hazardous containers (a mix of paint, oils, and debris) were transported across the Pacific.

The emergency response allowed ACTenviro to work with the local transportation company to provide transportation of containers to the port for shipping. We bulked 20,680 gallons of paint and bulked 8,305 gallons of oil and shipped 680 pieces of waste totaling over 1 million pounds of waste.

 ACTenviro personnel included: Jason Lobberecht (Project Manager) for 6 weeks, Robert Knox (Project Manager) for 3 weeks, Andrew Starkey (Chemist) for 4 weeks, and Sasha Moshkowitz (Chemist) for 3 weeks.

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