Making Every Day Earth Day

Best-Truck Each Earth Day is a time for everyone across the globe to celebrate the fragile planet that we inhabit and reflect on what more we can all do to help preserve it. Here at ACT, though, we carry this same mindset with us over the other 364 days of the year, too. These are just a few examples of our unwavering focus on conservation:
  • At ACT Environmental Services, we manage, transport, recycle and dispose of over 10,000 containers of hazardous waste per month
  • Since April of 2013, ACT’s Albuquerque, NM TSDF has been shipping tankers of bulk liquid waste derived fuels (LWDF) to fuel cement kilns, so that the kilns reduce their use of the coal and natural gas.
    • During this time period, ACT has delivered 174 tanker trucks full, or approximately 3,310 tons of LWDF
    • Since the average fuel value of ACT’s LWDF is almost exactly equivalent in BTU/lb. to that of coal, our fuels program has taken well over 3,000 tons of coal “off the streets”!
    • Not only does this reduce the amount of coal that needs to be mined, utilizing waste alternative fuels in the cement manufacturing process greatly reduces carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions compared to coal burning for power generation
  • Waste processed using ACT Medical’s new Microwave Disinfection System – the first of its kind in California to offer a waste-to-energy option – is thoroughly disinfected, rendered unrecognizable via shredding and reduced in volume by approximately 80%, saving valuable landfill space and reducing hauling requirements and costs
    • When using our waste-to-energy option, 1 ton of treated waste can power the average American home for over 2 weeks (per U.S. Department of Energy 2014 statistics)
  • Last but not least, we are proud to present our new diesel-electric hybrid truck, which is shown in the attached picture
    • Based on the first few months’ usage, this hybrid truck gets approximately 25% more miles per gallon as compared to conventional-fuel equivalents
Happy Earth Day, everybody!
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