Krista 10 Years with ACT!

Krista10YearAnniversaryThe ACT team would like to congratulate Krista Harsono for completing 10 years with us! It has been 10 wonderful years working with you, your commitment and contribution to ACT is commendable. In the past 10 years you have been promoted and helped ACT build one of the best Compliance Departments in the industry, which shows your dedication to your work and the company. It is because of your dedication, loyalty and hard work that ACT has stood ahead of its class in the Environmental Consulting Industry. You have been an inspiration to all the team members, and we appreciate your selfless service for so many years. Your work has bought many laurels to the company, and it’s your hard work, which has given you and the company success on many projects. To show our appreciation, ACT and Walter H. Singer would like to present you with this small token of our esteem, a kirsta-10yrs-2Rolex watch! Thank you Krista we appreciate all you have done and will do in the years to come! Sincerely, Walter H. Singer Founder & President
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