Household Hazardous Waste

What is household hazardous waste?

Also known as HHW, these are hazardous wastes produced from households or businesses that may be potentially dangerous and lethal when mishandled. These types of wastes include:

Can HHW be recycled?

Yes, most common hazardous materials produced from households can be recycled:
Since a standard household or business establishment does not normally produce large amounts of HHW, it becomes a challenge when there is actually a need to dispose of it. Questions about who to call, what to do, how to recycle, and how much it costs to remove these safely from your home become a concern. That’s where we come in.
Image owned by ACTEnviro. Details: ACTEnviro One-Day HHW Collection Event, City of Goodyear, AZ Maintenance Yard (October 2017)

How can we help you?

ACTenviro works with states, counties, and cities on the management of environmental services including providing solutions for the management of household hazardous waste. Our focus is to provide services that associate with transportation and disposal of HHW waste. ACTenviro is currently performing HHW services under several contracts in the following states: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington State.

Why should you trust us?

When it comes to the handling, transportation, and disposal of HHW, ACTenviro carefully considers these main points:

That is why, over the years, the ACTenviro team has developed a perfected system for the HHW management methods of collection, segregation, and packaging of hazardous waste materials for several municipalities.

Since waste management regulations and processes are continuously improving, we also strive to regularly evaluate our procedures for HHW collection and management.

ACTenviro also takes into consideration the specific HHW collection needs per community. We understand that some communities benefit from one-day HHW collection events, while some have fixed waste facilities for ongoing HHW collection events.

We offer expert household hazardous waste services and programs tailored to yours and your community’s needs. To get started, request a quote from us today.


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Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Solutions & Services

Our specific solutions are tailored to fit the needs of the community to include the following:

Waste Transportation & Disposal

Household Hazardous Waste

HHW In Your House or Business

HHW In Your Yard or Storage Area

HHW In Your Workshop or Garage

Medical Waste

Universal Waste

Electronic Waste

Recycling Programs

HHW Collection Events

Outreach & Education

Waste Programs

Find Community Collection & Drop Off Schedules

If our HHW door-to-door services and collection events aren’t fit for your specific needs, ACTEnviro makes it easy for you to find and book a schedule for HHW drop-off programs and other events.

ACTEnviro has several referrals based on request and can discuss current contracts. We are also active members with the following associations: NAHMMA, CALCUPA, IEA, and BIOCOM.

Our decades of waste management experience, continuous staff training programs, and innovative, environment-friendly waste services make us the right partner in managing your household hazardous waste. Contact us to request a quote or to get more information.

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