High Hazard Services

ACTenviro’s customized high hazard services include everything you need to handle the most hazardous situations and chemicals. If you have chemical cylinders that need identification, service, or testing, or highly reactive chemicals that need remediation, our high hazard services are for you. With our significant investments in training, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, we have the knowledge and expertise to be your remediation specialists for high hazard situations.

Cylinder Management

ACTenviro possesses unique expertise in cylinder evaluation and management. Our highly trained staff uses new equipment and facilities to handle all aspects of cylinder management: leak testing, pressure testing, packing for shipment, repairs and identification of cylinders with unknown gases. With ACTenviro, you’ll be sure your cylinders are safe and secure.

Reactive Chemicals Management

With these highly dangerous chemicals, it’s best to have experts readily available in case of an accident. Our staff can be on-call, on a regular visitation schedule or on-site to ensure the safety of your staff and facilities. ACTenviro has developed robotics that can remotely open potentially dangerous containers and stabilize them for safe handling, packaging, transportation and disposal. We ensure any hazards posed by these chemicals are minimized.

In addition to cylinder management and reactive chemicals management,  ACTenviro offers the following services:

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