Giving Thanks to Our Coworkers

shutterstock_340416707 In what has become an annual Thanksgiving-time tradition at ACTenviro, we would like to take a moment to thank members of our work family for the times they went above and beyond to help. Here are a few selected acknowledgments: “Thanks to Jason Vroman for being a fantastic and patient teacher and great role model. He will always go out of his way to help and take time to explain things properly and professionally.” – Marissa Lopez “Last year, I underwent a serious medical procedure. Everything worked out well and I returned to work a little before the holidays. At our branch holiday party, Danny Carpentier informed me that every night at his family dinner table his family had included me in their prayers. To say I was touched would be an understatement! Thank you, Danny and your family.” – Robert Roth “Angel Gragg-Scott always has the perfect snack for you when you’re in need. Gina Bailey also takes her time to keep the fruit basket stocked on a daily basis and those apples/bananas are greatly appreciated.” – Spencer Pfaff “I’d like to thank several people by name for helping me turn my transition to the branch manager job in Portland from a challenging one into a successful one: John Smrdeli, Marta Prada, Jaime Shartzer, Jim Devlin, Jeff Ruhl, Greg McLucas, Brian Trefault, Tobi Moore, Frank Sanchez, Rick Marshall, Russ Cowperthwaite, Krista Harsono, Ramon Robles, Bill Coleman, Dave Stegall, Vince Cavaliere, Pasquale Paduano, Dan Busbee and my wife Arlene. Walt, you have assembled an outstanding group of human beings that I am proud to be a part of. Thank you all for your support in the success of ACT Portland.” – Keith Munnerlyn “I wanted to show some appreciation for one of our most important on-site crews, so I surprised them during their morning meeting with a Harry and David basket and a thank you card.” – Mariana Sabich “Being a Logistic Coordinator, I must say it amazes me how each and every one of our field Techs will take on ‘last minute’ requests to meet our customer’s needs. That’s teamwork!” – Janice Gogue “I personally wanted to thank Jonathan Blackmon, one of our on-site techs in SoCal. I absolutely appreciate his work-ethic, enthusiasm and the value he brings to our team.” – Annette Peck “The one thing that helps a coworker more than anything is for a fellow coworker to assist and fill in wherever and whenever needed, on a moment’s notice. Johnny Tuggay has always filled this niche with a positive, get-the-job-done-safely-attitude.” – Phil Ortega “Angel Gragg-Scott is an excellent coworker and an amazing person with a big smile and a bigger heart. She never lets a teammate’s birthday pass without a card and warm wishes. Annette Peck is someone I’m truly thankful for. The first day I met her, I immediately was taken by her boisterous and positive attitude. Cheryl Moherman is not only a smart and talented employee when it comes to the haz waste business, she’s also extremely gifted when it comes to anything crafty. For the past two years, Cheryl has helped me with my Halloween costumes, and for the past two years my daughter is always ‘best dressed’ with Cheryl’s help. I am so thankful to work alongside such a talent!” – Jenna Acevedo “I wanted to help recognize Bill Lewis. Since I started working at ACT, Bill has been an amazing colleague. Every day he greets everyone in the office with a ‘Good morning!’ and big smile. I enjoy coming to work knowing I have a great coworker like Bill.” – Valerie Alvarez “I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the assistance I received during my first year with ACTenviro. Mike Przewoznik and Shawn Moudy were always available to guide me as I learned my way around ACTenviro’s procedures and systems. Thank you for making me feel part of the family from the start and always being there for me!” – Diane Abrams “Earlier this year, a family member fell seriously ill. Throughout that difficult time, my supervisor stood by and supported me both emotionally and spiritually. I cannot thank him enough for all he did.” – name withheld “I’d like to thank Luis De Leon and Jason Vroman for all of their support of the compliance department. We are very lucky to have these two as a part of our team.” – Madison McLaughlin “Colleges have the first year ‘Freshman 15,’ but here at ACT-SD, we have the ACT 15 because of the loving kindness of Julius Hannegan. If our counter is without a loaf of fresh baked jalapeno cheese bread, or his delicious pineapple upside-down cake, then we know Julius is out of town! His generosity shows us he’s always thinking about us like family – and we love him for that. Thank you, Julius!” – Gina Bailey Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not thank you, our loyal customers, without whom we would not be here. So, thank you. Have a great Thanksgiving, and watch out for the tryptophan!
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