Congratulations to Frank, Priscilla, and Philip on your 10-Year anniversaries!

Recently, three of our employees reached their 10-year milestones! We thank you all for your continued dedication through the years and look forward to continued collaboration and success in the future.

Frank Sanchez (10/7)  
“ACTenviro is extremely fortunate to have had Frank lead our Arizona team over the past ten years.  Frank is an industry veteran and those who are in the environmental field in the area in the Southwest understand the immense value he brings to our industry. He leads a diverse and experienced team that is capable of multi-faceted projects and delivering positive outcomes for his clients. His attention to customer service, perseverance and “can do” attitude are consistent and undeniable. He’s made a tremendously positive impact for clients and employees alike for ACTenviro over the past decade….thank you Frank!” - Todd Marti

Philip Ortega (11/1)  
"Phil has been at the TSDF for his entire tenure at ACTenviro. He is very focused on providing a high level of customer service as continually demonstrated by his approval turn time of one-day for all profiles submitted even though the expectation is 3 days. Phil is always ready, willing, and able to help out a colleague and his customers (our branches). His technical expertise is relied upon to keep his co-workers safe, the facility in compliance, and processes running smoothly. Phil is great to work with due to his positivity, can do attitude, and team spirit. Thank you, Phil!” - Pasquale Paduano

Priscilla Dominguez (November 26th)  
"PD [Priscilla Dominguez] is our rock! She never hesitates to lend a hand or voice an opinion; mostly valuable ones, but also comical, which lightens up a stressful day. She trains all our new billers and at times we wonder if she gets a kick out of scaring newbies. After 10 years, the kicks keep her going but the challenges don’t seem to deter her either. Priscilla is our main pillar, always there when you need help. She rocks!” - Alyson Dinh  

Congratulations to you all and thank you!  

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