First Movement Forward

ACTenviroACTenviro Last month, our operations team got together to discuss how we could reduce our backing incidents. Frank Sanchez, our Phoenix branch manager, recommended “First Movement Forward.” I absolutely loved the idea and was ready to roll it out immediately...until I thought of my own practice. My husband has the habit of always backing into our garage, and I being very impatient by nature will sometimes get out before he takes the extra minute to perform this task. I, on the other hand, will speed right in, saving myself that extra valuable minute of time. How can I tell our drivers to do something I do not practice myself? I had many excuses, of course. One, I drive a car that is 10-plus years old that does not have the back-up cameras most cars are now equipped with. Two, I am very impatient. Alas, neither excuse was sufficient, so I started this practice myself. I am happy to report I have been doing it for over a month, and it is becoming a habit! Next, I wanted our management team to create the culture of “First Movement Forward” at work. My goal was to have our drivers see our management performing this practice before I rolled it out to the drivers. Did you know that by shifting one pattern, it begins to influence other aspects of one’s life? That is what good habits do, and it worked! Check out our before and after pictures from our Albuquerque branch. By having our manager start the practice, he was able to influence all employees to do the same. If I have piqued your interest about habits, check out a book called The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg. This excellent book has great areas of focus on company safety and culture. If you are interested, please send me an email ([email protected]) and I will send the first person to contact me a free copy. One last thought...DO NOT EQUATE DRIVING IN REVERSE TO DRIVING FORWARD – THERE IS NO COMPARISON! WHEN YOU ARE IN REVERSE, YOU ARE DRIVING A DIFFERENT VEHICLE. – Krista Wood Harsono, Director of Compliance
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