Environmental Professionals of Arizona (EPAZ) Luncheon Meeting

Group_Shot ACT Environmental Services sponsored the monthly Environmental Professionals of Arizona Luncheon Meeting at the Salt River Project-PERA Club in Tempe, AZ on October 8, 2015. Diane Abrams gave a brief presentation on ACT Environmental Services prior to the primary presentations. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) provided two speakers for the luncheon, which had over 80 attendees representing hazardous waste generators, consultants, transporters, regulators and disposal companies. Diane_croppedTara Rosie from ADEQ spoke about Senate Bill HB2636 regarding a new state program that provides funding assistance for Underground Storage Tank (UST) closures. The new program is aimed at small companies that have USTs requiring closure on their properties but do not have the financial capabilities or adequate insurance coverage to cover the expense. Owners must pursue and maintain an open insurance claim, if available, to remain eligible to receive funds under this program. The bill passed earlier this year and replaces the old State Assurance Program for UST Closure. Bradley Baker from ADEQ spoke about the “Solvent Contaminated Wipes” rule. Solvent Contaminated Wipes are now exempt from complying with RCRA when they meet specific guidelines. Wipes containing cyanide salts and pesticides, as well as F006 and TCLP RCRA metals-contaminated rags, will not be part of this exemption. All storage containers and drums must be labeled “Excluded Solvent Contaminated Wipes” during accumulation and storage. Also, no free liquids are allowed in containers, and a paint filter test must be performed by the generator on the wipes as proof of compliance and kept on file. Generators must keep records of the name and contact info for the laundry, dry cleaner or disposal facility they will be using for management of their Solvent Contaminated Wipes. Generators must ensure that these facilities comply with Clean Water Act or Clean Air Act.
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