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ACTenviro’s hazardous materials emergency response service offers safe, fast, reliable and professional response service to chemical and petroleum releases 24/7. Based on our customers’ high levels of satisfaction, quality of services and the professionalism of our teams, we have been called on as a preferred spill responder for many of the largest companies and governmental agencies in the Western United States.

ACTenviro’s emergency response program includes the following services:


All ACTenviro personnel have a minimum 40-hours training plus annual 8-hour refreshers as per 29 and 49 Code of Federal Regulations. ACTenviro’s in-house training staff maintains employee training and documentation. This enables ACTenviro to train and qualify a key number of individuals on short notice in the event additional forces are necessary. ACTenviro managers and supervisors attend the California State Training Institute for Incident Command / On Scene Manager training and Hazardous Materials Specialist training. This is in addition to years of on the job experience. ACTenviro personnel have routinely participated in tabletop and deployment drills with contracted customers and jurisdictional agencies to assist in meeting State and Federal requirements.


ACTenviro response personnel are seasoned hands-on professionals as well as professionals that served with regulatory agencies. This combination enables ACTenviro to provide a sweeping approach to spill response and emergency services. In addition, the team’s excellent working relationships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies provides with them with an immediate comfort level that all work will be performed professionally and safely.


Unique and proven spill response and emergency service equipment systems have been implemented for use by ACTenviro response teams. This allows for unsurpassed readiness. These systems ensure the right equipment arrives on-site when requested and that an accurate accounting of personnel and equipment can be assessed as needed. ACTenviro maintains 24-hour access to personnel and equipment to facilitate movement of resources from the nearest ACTenviro Operations Center to the spill site.


ACTenviro utilizes specially-designed equipment exclusive to ACTenviro . Our primary Emergency Response Units (ERU) are designed to transport five responders and sustain level “A” support for 48 hours without restocking. They contain all items needed for confined space entry, from personal protective equipment ranging from Level “A” through “D” to all necessary monitoring equipment for the entries. The ERU includes office space, a communications center, decontamination systems, sanitary facilities, safety showers and an eyewash station.

ACTenviro also maintains a portable incident command center. This unit allows customers and regulatory personnel to meet and map out an incident action plan in a meeting room setting. The command center’s layout allows customers to track media coverage. It includes a communications center and an office setting for execution of paperwork and resource tracking.

ACTenviro response teams’ key personnel are issued response trucks so a timely response can be made 24/7. These trucks are outfitted with safety devices, emergency lighting, and response supplies.

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