Educating SJSU Students on Careers for STEM Graduates in Environmental Services

img We recently hosted a booth at an undergrad STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) job fair at San José State University. As a company, ACTenviro is an official partner of the university, which affords us prime opportunities – such as this one – to meet with students and discuss careers with us. This year, we were able to meet with many students, whose bright futures and keen interest in our ever-more-important field of environmental services made them great candidates for positions at ACTenviro. Joining the HR team at the fair were SJSU alums Sameei Al Khafaji and Evan Havens, who knew not only the campus but some of the actual individuals – including Evan’s old buddy Sammy Spartan. Sameei and Ryan Spartz had helped set the table the day before the job fair by attending and presenting an introductory talk on ACTenviro to a chemical engineering class on campus. This experience highlighted the revamped and upgraded recruiting program we are beginning to roll out. As we continue to grow rapidly, we are always on the lookout for our next generation of team members. If you like the sound of being part of something that is rewarding for both your career and the health of the planet, check out our Careers page!
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