Driving Toward Finding More Great Drivers

Semi Truck Driver Job. Caucasian Trucker Preparing For Long Haul Shipping.

At ACTenviro, we constantly integrate our core values of safety, family, professionalism, customer commitment and forward thinking into our operational practices. We use these principles to guide our recruiting efforts, as well. Not only do we include interview questions that pertain to our core values, we also use the value of forward thinking in talent acquisition.

A recent study by the American Trucking Association showed that the U.S. is facing a tremendous shortage in truck drivers. The study also showed the shortage potentially doubling by the year 2024. Finding great truck drivers is a challenge many companies face.

Here at ACT, we have traditionally been successful in how we recruit and retain drivers. However, since we like to think forward, we have been adapting our efforts recently. We have been steadily increasing our external advertising, along with offering referral bonuses to our current employees.

When we hire new drivers, a great benefits package and 401(k) matching are only the beginning. We also set up routes and schedules specifically to provide our drivers as much time home with family as possible. Additionally, we are consistently upgrading our fleet with new equipment and comfort items. We contribute to driver recognition programs, including rewards for clean scale inspections and Driver of the Quarter awards. Perhaps most important, we offer the chance for our drivers to develop and grow their careers, and every driver (along with every other kind of new employee) gets an opportunity to become an owner of the company.

As an example of what we are looking for and what we offer here at ACTenviro, here is a link to an ad for a Class A Roll-Off Driver position in our San Jose office: Local Class A or B Driver/Tech – San Jose. We are always on the lookout for more road warriors to add to our great team!

– Michael Coomer, Director of Human Resources, and Russ Cowperthwaite, Transportation Manager

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