Customer Service Doesn’t Stop After a Sale is Made

shutterstock_122224351Below is an excerpt from an email that one of our Account Managers sent to a customer:
It is our goal to continually provide service that meets or exceeds your expectations. We understand the main goal is safety. We will take care of our part so that you can concentrate on production. We are committed to making this work!
Customer service is defined as service to customers before, during and after a purchase. The success of any company is directly connected to the level of customer service it provides. A successful customer service program is built on each employee’s ability to continually adjust to the needs of his or her customers. ACT is an organization that values great customer service and encourages its employees to proactively obtain feedback, positive or negative, from customers and prospects. Customer service is a key component of the overall perception that customers have of our organization. It has indisputably played an important part in the success ACT has experienced over the last 16 years. – Vince Cavaliere, Director of Sales Southern California & Southwest
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