Congratulations to Martin Hernandez, Our 2Q17 Driver of the Quarter

ACTenviro Central ValleyMartin Hernandez has been a valued member of the ACTenviro Central Valley branch for the last seven years. During that time, he has built upon his six years of prior environmental services experience by embracing ACTenviro’s core values. Martin always makes safety a top priority. In focusing on safety, Martin helps to ensure that he and his teammates are always able to enjoy another of ACTenviro’s core values: family. Martin enjoys nothing so much as barbecuing at home with his wife, Laura. He also loves spending as much time as possible his with niece and two nephews, all of whom Martin and Laura love to spoil. While he loves the Central Valley, Martin gets over to the coast as often as he can, to Monterey and San Francisco in particular. Martin embodied our core values of professionalism, customer commitment and forward thinking in how he handled our new e-logs for drivers. Like with any new process, learning to use the e-logs presented some challenges, but Martin dove right into the deep end of the pool, so to speak. Sure enough, per our Transportation Manager Russ Cowperthwaite, Martin was the first driver in the company to get fully up to speed on the new system. Martin didn’t do this because there was a contest to see who could learn the new e-logs the quickest (there wasn’t), and no one was micro-managing him. Martin just did what he always does, and that is to give his best effort to do what he is asked to do and go the extra mile, even when no one is watching. Well, this honor shows that people have taken notice. Martin, we appreciate everything you do, and the professionalism with which you do it. Congratulations on winning driver of the quarter – well-deserved!
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