Congratulations to Keith, Mark, and Eric on your 10-Year anniversaries!

Last month, three of our employees reached their 10-year milestones! We thank you all for your continued dedication through the years and look forward to continued success in the future.


Keith Munnerlyn is celebrating his 10-year anniversary with ACTenviro. “Keith is known by his teams and peers for his compassion for others and his willingness to help in any way possible. From spending months away from home supporting projects, to relocating to take on a new branch, Keith has done it. He will always without hesitation jump in and do what is needed for our clients. Thank you, Keith, for everything you have done!”

Mark Kirkland joined ACTenviro 10 years ago and “worked his way up to being a Senior Project Manager. Every client site he goes to, he remembers the clients by first name, asks about their families and their lives. And for this the clients love him! He has never turned down any work request. Everything from regular drum pickups to 12-week long tank cleanings to running the ABQ 10-day and now running special projects and lab packs…” Thank you for being a part of our team, Mark!

Eric Keiser joined Fremouw Environmental (now a part of ACTenviro) in May of 2012 “bringing with him extensive commercial wrecker and heavy equipment experience. Since his start, Eric has employed his extensive skills in fabrication, equipment maintenance, and heavy equipment operation. His can-do attitude has helped grow the organization from a small ‘mom & pop’ used oil collection company to the much larger multi-million-dollar firm acquired by ACTenviro. The skills and dedication Mr. Keiser has given eagerly and repeatedly reflect great credit upon himself, Fremouw Environmental and now, ACTenviro.” Thank you for your continued dedication, Eric!

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