Congratulating Ron Martinez, ACTenviro’s First Million-Miler!

Ron Martinez Collage We could not be prouder of Ron Martinez, the first member of our Million-Miler Club. Ron is a true road warrior, who always does his job with a smile – as you can see from these photos. Ron and his colleagues had a great time celebrating his memorable milestone this month. Clockwise from top left, Ron shows off his Million-Miler Club Members Only jacket (if you lived through the 1980s, you surely remember those); his namesake decal on his trusty rig; and his club membership certificate, alongside ACTenviro Transportation Manager Russ Cowperthwaite (both pictures), Director of Compliance Krista Harsono and Vice President of Operations Pasquale Paduano. While he obviously calls the road “home” quite often, Ron makes his permanent home in Albuquerque and is based at our ACTtreatment facility there. When not eating up miles, Ron enjoys spending time with his daughters, Tasha and Katie. Katie, a senior in high school, plays soccer and basketball and can always find Ron in the crowd cheering her on. Originally from Nebraska, Ron is a huge Cornhuskers fan. In addition to spending lots of time with his family, Ron feeds the homeless with his church on the first Sunday of every month. Please join us in giving Ron kudos on his incredible achievement – on to the next million, Ron!
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