Celebrating David Stegall’s 10-Year Anniversary with ACTenviro

David Stegall 10-Year Collage Great times were had yesterday at our Santa Fe Springs branch on the momentous occasion of project manager David Stegall’s 10 th anniversary with ACTenviro. After swapping stories from Dave’s tenure with the company, and before everyone sat down to a taco feed, founder and president Walter Singer presented Dave with ACTenviro’s customary 10-year gift (left photo). When Dave started with us in 2009, many people in his life thought he was crazy for signing on with a startup office smack dab in the middle of a recession. But after some encouragement from his longtime friend Daniel Busbee, who is now our Santa Fe Springs branch manager, Dave became convinced of the big potential that the opportunity presented. The rest, as they say, is history. Dave recalled that, back when he started, he, Dan Busbee and Danny Carpentier – now a regional sales manager – comprised almost the entire branch staff. “For me,” said Dave, “the coolest thing is seeing the office grow from when it was basically three or four of us doing everything. We wear a lot of hats now, but back then we wore a lot of hats. It’s been exciting to see the office go from where it started to where it’s at.” That original crew can be seen in its entirety in the right-hand picture (Danny on the far left, Dan with his back to camera, then Walt and Dave at the far right), in front of some of the newer members of the ACTenviro Santa Fe Springs Branch family. Speaking of family, Dave and his girlfriend of five years, Sarah, have 14-, 7- and one-and-a-half-year-old boys between them. While that would be enough to keep most people busy in their free time, Dave does private soccer goalkeeper training on top of it. In fact, Dave started training Mattie Interian when she was 10 and had never goaltended before, and she is now the starting goalkeeper at the University of Notre Dame as a mere freshman. Thanks for helping make ACTenviro what it is today, Dave – looking forward to seeing what we can build together in the next ten years!
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