Congratulations to our Escondido branch, which was recently honored as one of "San Diego's Best and Brightest Companies To Work For"! According to the press release from National Association for Business Resources, this program recognizes "companies that excel at employee relations, use innovation to motivate employees...and are making their workplaces, their employees and the community a healthier place to live and work."

San Diego was the second metro area that ACT expanded into back in the early 2000s, and it has always held a special place in our collective heart. Our company culture has always been very strong in Escondido, and that’s even more true today.

Said Branch Manager Jeff Ruhl, "Every day, our team lives ACT’s core values – Safety, Family, Professionalism, Customer Commitment and Forward Thinking. We challenge ourselves to meet the expectations of our clients and each other. And we have a lot of fun doing it."

Well-done, Jeff. You and your team should all take a bow. Now back to work!

toperWe’re delighted to announce the hire of our new CFO, Tyler Kopet!

Tyler’s wide range of expertise spans not only traditional accounting and finance but acquisitions, human resources, I.T., risk management and strategic planning. Tyler has spent more than two decades financing growing companies as well as integrating acquisitions. In addition, he has led five companies through these diverse types of ownership transitions: private sale, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and private equity backing.

Tyler started his career in public accounting as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in the audit assurance role. Since leaving public accounting, he has been the CFO of four companies across the mechanical and electrical contracting, tug and barge transportation, petroleum and chemical terminal, shipbuilding, and, most recently, environmental remediation industries.

Tyler has a B.A. in Business Administration and Accounting from Eastern Washington University. A Seattle-area resident, he has been married 29 years and has six children and eight grandchildren, with a couple more on the way. He enjoys mountain biking as well as coaching kids in collegiate wrestling and soccer.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Tyler. Tyler, we look forward to many years of success and partnership with you!

Ron Martinez Collage

We could not be prouder of Ron Martinez, the first member of our Million-Miler Club. Ron is a true road warrior, who always does his job with a smile – as you can see from these photos. Ron and his colleagues had a great time celebrating his memorable milestone this month.

Clockwise from top left, Ron shows off his Million-Miler Club Members Only jacket (if you lived through the 1980s, you surely remember those); his namesake decal on his trusty rig; and his club membership certificate, alongside ACTenviro Transportation Manager Russ Cowperthwaite (both pictures), Director of Compliance Krista Harsono and Vice President of Operations Pasquale Paduano.

While he obviously calls the road “home” quite often, Ron makes his permanent home in Albuquerque and is based at our ACTtreatment facility there. When not eating up miles, Ron enjoys spending time with his daughters, Tasha and Katie. Katie, a senior in high school, plays soccer and basketball and can always find Ron in the crowd cheering her on.

Originally from Nebraska, Ron is a huge Cornhuskers fan. In addition to spending lots of time with his family, Ron feeds the homeless with his church on the first Sunday of every month.

Please join us in giving Ron kudos on his incredible achievement – on to the next million, Ron!


I have been pondering the goals I would like to set for ACT for 2017 and it made me think about the difference between a goal and an expectation. Is there a difference? Merriam-Webster defines a goal as something that you are trying to do or achieve. This is something that you strive for. I am sure we have all set goals and December is the month most of us start thinking about our own personal and work-related goals for the following year. When we set goals we understand that we may not achieve them. In fact, I have set my own “stretch” goals that I know I am not likely to achieve, but if I do, I will celebrate! Also, I am sometimes even congratulated just for trying when I fail to achieve my goal. An expectation on the other hand is something you expect to achieve. You don’t celebrate expectations...you expect them! If what you expected to happen doesn’t, you are surprised and investigate to understand why. Hopefully you learn from it so the unexpected outcome doesn’t happen again.

For example, when our Escondido Branch Manager, Jeff Ruhl, drives to work each morning, do you think it is his goal to arrive at work safely or simply an expectation? Do you think when Jeff arrives at work safely that he is greeted by Krystian with a high five and Gina does a celebratory dance for him? Of course not. It’s an afterthought because arriving safely at work is an expectation. What if Jeff didn’t arrive to work safely? What do you think he would do? My guess is that he would figure out why he didn’t arrive safely and do something about it!

Over the past 10 years there has been a shift in safety performance recognition. Many companies have gone away from a reward program for going a certain amount of time without an injury and tying manager’s bonuses to incident rates. OSHA has even discouraged this practice on the basis that it encourages employees to under-report incidents; see OSHA’s final rule to ‘nudge’ employers to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.

So is safety a goal or an expectation? I believe that no one should get hurt at work and I believe that all incidents are preventable; therefore, as leaders, we must build a sustainable safety culture.

For 2017 I am not going to reward employees for not getting hurt. In 2017 safety for ACT will not be a goal, but an expectation. I expect that everyone will do what is needed to ensure they go home safely. We won’t celebrate the fact that we didn’t get hurt but we will celebrate the success of the company and the actions we took to send everyone home safe at the end of the day.

– Krista Wood Harsono, Director of Compliance

Earth Day Collage

Group Pic

Group Shot

Much like two years ago, employees from two ACTenviro branches volunteered during their free time in honor of Earth Day. This time around, however, only one of the events was a cleanup.

For the first one, Albuquerque branch manager Bruce Hehemann volunteered his and his team’s services to organize and run an electronic equipment recycling event at the ABQ BioPark Zoo on Saturday, April 13. ACTenviro employees, their loved ones and even a few friends managed the takeback, helping the planet (and endangered animal species, specifically) in not one but two key ways:

  1. They collected just shy of ten thousand (10,000) pounds of e-waste. All proceeds from the sale of the waste to a local New Mexico Recycler went straight into New Mexico BioPark Society (which also supports the Aquarium and Botanic Garden) coffers. At 10¢ a pound, the event’s proceeds contributed precisely $940.40 to the mission of “providing a quality facility through the support of related conservation, education and recreation programs.”
  2. By obtaining unwanted cell phones and sending them on for recycling, precious “rare-earth metals” can be reclaimed for reuse in future devices. By diminishing the need for virgin rare-earth metals, the habitat of critically-endangered gorillas in areas such as the Congo basin is protected from the devastating effects of mining.

The following Saturday, the 20th, a group of employees from our San Jose branch/headquarters and their loved ones and friends joined Save Our Shores to clean up Sunny Cove, a beach in Santa Cruz, CA. As one of five beach cleanups in the area in honor of Earth Day, the ACTenviro team helped to restore this beautiful stretch of coastline to pristine condition just in time for the upcoming summer recreation season.

Many thanks to all of our employees and friends who helped out in these two events! And thanks to those of our clients, vendors and partners that pitched in to the Earth Day cause during events of their own. Let us know in the comments how you celebrated Earth Day!

Santa Fe Springs-based Rigo Valencia has been named the winner of ACT’s latest Driver of the Quarter award! Rigo exemplifies the versatility required to be a successful hybrid Driver-Project Manager. Possessing extensive experience as a driver with full DOT knowledge on both sides of the spectrum, he is a conscientious worker that ensures compliance day in and day out.

Outside of his rig, Rigo is a proud father and husband. He is as passionate about his beloved San Francisco Giants as he is about his family and ACTenviro, so do not dare speak ill of the Giants to him (even if they just failed to win the World Series for the first time in an even-numbered year this decade).

Rigo, who is pictured receiving his certificate from ACT’s Transportation Manager Russ Cowperthwaite, is truly a pleasure to have on our team and a worthy recipient of this honor.


A hearty thank you to our valued clients that have responded to the customer satisfaction survey we recently began sending. Your feedback has been extremely helpful. Although we have received only ratings of good, great and truly exceptional (our survey also includes fair and poor options) for both our most recent and overall service levels, we have taken immediate action on any areas of improvement you flagged.

What gives us the greatest satisfaction is knowing that over 85% of you would be “very likely” to recommend our services to a business associate. We appreciate the fact that we have gotten a response rate of almost 25%, too.

We promise to repay your faith, beginning with a commitment to never resting in our continued quest to provide you with the best service possible.

Today we presented Reggie Williams with a token of our appreciation for his continuing dedication to Compliance and Safety. After the stolen truck incident earlier this month, we received multiple comments via our website from fellow truck drivers commenting on what a great job Reggie had done in securing the load on the trailer. Reggie’s dedication to his craft was truly on display for all the world to see.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and the work Reggie did on that fateful day is a great example for the rest of us to follow!


As reported in Yahoo Finance: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/actenviro-makes-inc-5000-list-170000917.html.

Congratulations to everyone that played a part in us accomplishing this remarkable feat!

As happy as we are when we recognize individual 10-year ACTenviro anniversaries, we were quintuply happy to celebrate five such milestones that were simultaneously achieved by employees of our Escondido branch last week.

10 years ago, ACTenviro acquired Gen-Tec Solutions, an environmental management and transportation firm based in San Diego. With the acquisition came five outstanding employees – Larry Moore, Hector Ontiveros, John Teasley, Carlos Uribe and Jesse Vanderstaay – with decades of expertise in environmental services. Now, they’ve all spent a decade with ACTenviro!

Carlos, Hector, Jesse, John and Larry have all made incredible team members and been integral to our success and growth. Thank you each for everything you have done for ACTenviro and our clients – here’s to many more years!


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