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Sustainable Retail Industry Waste Management

Consumer shopping can either be a necessity or a want. It becomes even more accessible due to the fast growing online shopping platforms. Whatever the case be, the products often come in some sort of packaging. While the packaging material is necessary to protect the item and preserve its quality, it can also add to

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Celebrating Ron Martinez’s 10-Year Anniversary with ACTenviro

Congratulations to Ron Martinez! We would like to extend our best wishes and true appreciation to Ron on his 10th anniversary with ACTenviro! Ron is our most senior and trusted Over-the-Road Driver for our Treatment (TSDF) location in Albuquerque. He is always selected for new runs and disposal facilities to provide us valuable feedback. He

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Join Us For Our November Job Fairs!

We’re hiring! As we continue to grow, we’re looking for the best and brightest to join our team! We currently have various new openings in multiple locations, which can all be found at With great benefits—including competitive pay, affordable medical, 401k matching, generous PTO, gym reimbursement, and more—ACTenviro is the perfect place to take

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Announcing a New Look for InterACT: Branding ACTenviro Customer Portal

When we launched our portal, InterACT, earlier this year, we had one goal: to provide the very best online customer experience that you have come to expect from the people and services of ACTenviro. You have been among the first invited to use the portal and we hope you have found it useful and beneficial

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What Are Mixed Wastes — and How do You Handle Them?

We’ve discussed hazardous wastes, both listed and characteristic. We’ve also addressed radioactive and biological wastes. But what if a waste falls into more than one category? This type of waste is referred to as “mixed waste.” Mixed waste: hazardous and radioactive Mixed hazardous and radioactive waste is subject to regulation by the EPA through the

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ACTenviro is awarded the Gold Shovel Standard Certification

This is exciting! ACTenviro has received the Gold Shovel Standard Certification (GSS). This is an important certification for companies such as ACTenviro as it’s an indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement. Gold Shovel Standard has rapidly become a permanent fixture in much of North America as the industry

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Identifying and Handling Biological and Radioactive Wastes

We’ve written several posts about how to determine whether your waste is actually waste and if it’s hazardous waste, using the four EPA lists (F, K, P, U) and testing for the four EPA characteristics of hazardous waste (toxicity, reactivity, ignitability, corrosivity [TRIC]). These are the steps you take to determine if a waste is

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Why Is It Called a Solid Waste — Even When It’s Not Solid?

Many people are familiar with the idea that hazardous waste regulations apply to “solid wastes” and understand that this term (confusingly) includes liquids and gases that are (obviously) not solids. But why are they called solid wastes if they’re not solid?  It’s the way our hazardous waste regulations were written. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the source of all hazardous waste

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What Is a Hazardous Waste Profile?

A hazardous waste profile — usually referred to simply as a “profile” — is an industry term for a form that lists the chemical properties of wastes requiring disposal. The format of the profile form will vary depending on the treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF) that is receiving the waste, but it generally includes:

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Understanding the Four Characteristics of Hazardous Waste

The first step in managing your hazardous waste is determining that it is, in fact, a waste (as defined by the EPA). If your waste really is a waste, the next step is to determine if the waste is produced from certain non-specific sources (F list waste) or certain specific sources (K list waste), or

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