Being proACTive About Safety in 2019

ACT_Proactive_Logo_lowercase Safety for ACTenviro is not a goal, but an expectation. We expect that everyone will do what is needed to ensure they go home safely. We don’t celebrate the fact that we didn't get hurt, but we do celebrate the success of the company and the actions we took to send everyone home safe at the end of the day. One success that I would like to give you a glimpse into is ACT's new safety program, proACTive. In mid-2018 we ran a contest to come up with the name for the program. We were blown away by the number and quality of submissions, and we all agree that the winning name makes a powerful guiding principal for us all. Kando Ogunrinola, one of our consultants, came up with the name. Here is how she described her thinking in coming up with "proACTive": "Being that safety is at the core of ACT, it is important that we are proactive rather than reactive in order to fulfill our mission. When we remain proactive in thought, proactive in duty, and proactive in solution, we will be successful in reinforcing the safety of both our employees and clientele." In order to support our new program, we have developed four underlying core principles, which I will go into in detail later in 2019. Based on the first sentence in this post, you might be able to guess that "expectations" is one of our cores. What you probably couldn't guess – unless you are a mind-reader – is that "commitment" is my new favorite word and comprises another of the four cores or proACTive. A sustained safety culture is impossible without commitment, which is why commitment is exactly what we’re going to show as we make 2019 all about being proACTive when it comes to safety! – Krista Wood Harsono, Director of Compliance
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