ACT’s Website Garners an Award

PodiumAdvisors The new website for ACT Environmental Services has been recognized by Podium Advisors as its Most Improved Website of the Year for 2016! Said Bryan Hoadley, CEO and Founder of Podium, “ACT’s built on a very good website and made it great. They successfully rebranded themselves and have truly leapfrogged the industry with their vision and culture, and the website conveys their passion and success. I would never have thought the website and brand could get so much better, but it did, and that’s why we’re presenting them with our inaugural Most Improved Website of the Year award.” At ACT, the goal for our website reflects the aspirations of our business as a whole: to set the industry standard for customer commitment through our innovative, constantly-evolving approach. Our new site at accomplishes this through new features – such as short descriptions of our service lines that appear when you hover over their icons on our homepage – designed to make it easier for our end users. We have also streamlined our look, with a top banner of links to our most frequently-accessed pages, and optimized for mobile as well as web. Thanks to Podium Advisors for recognizing us with this prestigious award, and thank you for visiting our website and social media outlets!
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