ACT’s Container recycling program exceeds goals!

Black_50_gal_drumsACT is currently recycling just over 87% of all containers utilized at our TSDF. Utilizing the latest technologies in recycling, and decontamination ACT processes over 6000 drums and containers through our own treatment center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not only are containers re-certified and given a new life; non-salvageable containers are put into a recycling program. If you think of discarded containers as a fuel; for every 100 pounds of typical waste 80 pounds can be burned as fuel to generate electricity at a power plant. Another way to put this is for every ton of waste that ACT recycles or re-certifies at the treatment facility we can generate about 525 kilowatt - hours of electricity. This is enough to heat a typical office building for one full day. ACT’s container recycling saves enough energy to power 65 houses!
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