ACT’s 2014 EMR just released!

ACT has once again proven we are one of the best in our industry! Our 2014 EMR rate was just released and for five years in a row our rate is below the national average of 1.0! EMR_1 What is an EMR? The Experience Modification Rate is a number that is used for several purposes. Most importantly, it is used by insurance carriers to determine past and future risks. The lower the EMR, the better the Workers’ Compensation premium. This number is determined by taking information from other similar companies like payroll, losses or claims (both severity and frequency), risk of the industry and much more based over a three year time frame. At ACT, employee safety is our number one priority and we believe that safety training has real effects on reducing workplace injuries and preventing severe injuries. Our Branch and Operations Managers take training very seriously and ensure that all employees receive the required training initially and on a monthly basis. Each of our field employees receive approximately 16 hours of training on an annual basis; whereas most of our competitors only receive eight hours of annual training. Refer to the graph below to see how well each of our locations is doing! EMR_2 Go ACT Go!
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