ACTenviro’s Redlands Emergency Response Team mobilized to Indio

1 2 3 4 ACTenviro's Redlands Emergency Response Team mobilized to Indio, CA for a truck rollover crash on the 10 Freeway. The tractor was hauling double trailers with a mixed load of hazardous materials. Upon arriving on scene, the ACT ER crew, working closely with Caltrans, CHP, Riverside County Environmental Health, and local fire hazmat, realized that the trailers (both turned over and showing signs of leaking) were carrying 30 cases of a corrosive liquid, 18 cases of Potassium Hydroxide, and 24 cases of a hypochlorite solution. In addition, an unknown amount of diesel fuel was released onto the freeway and shoulder, and approximately 70 gallons remained in the turned-over tractor's fuel tanks, which would need to be removed. In 112 degree heat, ACT response team members began the arduous task of de-vanning the trailers to search and pack leaking containers, cleaning up the spilled diesel fuel, and pumping out the tractor's fuel tanks. Because ACT operates its own response and heavy equipment, crews were able to complete the operation in 15 hours and had freeway traffic back to normal that evening.
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