ACTenviro COVID-19 Facility Decontamination Services – How We Provide Efficient, Safe, and Affordable Coronavirus Decontaminations

Since the outbreak first emerged, surface cleaning and decontamination has been recommended by the CDC and other medical authorities as part of an overall strategy to minimize spread of Covid-19.  In response, in March, ACTenviro announced that we were expanding our services to provide facility decontamination of Covid-19. As we said then, this isn’t our first rodeo - we have decades of experience with facilities decontamination. Coronavirus is different though, and we needed to make sure our decontamination procedures incorporated the best available information. First and foremost, we needed to uphold our core value of Safety, for our clients, employees, and communities.  Second, we needed to make sure our procedures were effective and would successfully remove surface contaminations.  In response, we created a Covid-19 Safety Committee, whose responsibility was ensuring our procedures incorporated the best guidance, such as the CDC Guidelines for facility cleaning and disinfection, and that we were updating our procedures whenever new information became available. Facility cleaning and decontamination is recommended as a precautionary measure for all occupied indoor areas, with additional cleaning and decontamination for indoor areas that have been occupied by personnel who have contracted or potentially been exposed to coronavirus. In general, Covid decontamination requires physical cleaning followed by use of approved disinfecting agents (bleach, ethanol, IPA or other approved disinfectants).  Workers will utilize personal protective equipment (PPE), including glove, respirators and protective clothing, based on the cleaners and disinfectants used as well as the method of application.  Work activities will progress in a systematic manner from the outside of the potentially contaminated, working from higher areas to lower areas.   Surfaces will be physically cleaned by ACT personnel before decontamination soap/water or other cleaners. Once surfaces are physically clean, the decontaminating agent can be applied by hand wiping, spraying, fogging (with an electrostatic sprayer) or other suitable means. Disinfectant applied by hand wiping will be spread using a clean cloth or wipes so there is a visible amount on surfaces, but not so much so that there are large droplets or pools of liquid. Disinfecting agent will be allowed to air dry on surfaces or, if that is not feasible, will be left on the surface for the manufacturers recommended contact time. ACT implemented these procedures to ensure surface decontamination is conducted effectively and consistently.  All decontamination projects will be led by a project manager, who will assess the unique needs of each client’s facility. Additionally, our teams have the highest level of training allowing us to provide preventative cleaning, decontamination and emergency response services safely and efficiently. We have the expertise to choose the right level of PPE to protect our workers without adding unnecessary burden or expense. Covid-19 Decontamination Certificates can be provided to clients as requested. For more information or if you would like a free quote for your facility, please email us at [email protected] or call (866) 333-9222. Whether it’s proACTive or reACTive, our coronavirus response services handle everything from decontamination to disposal. See our Coronavirus Services Page here.
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