ACT New Mexico teaching Our Future Environmental Specialists!

Shawn Moudy, General Manager of The Albuquerque branch in New Mexico, undertook the task of being a Mentor to 2 local school children who were doing a school report on the Environment and Oil. Shawn did this while also handling day-to-day operations of 1 of ACT’s biggest branches. The children wanted to know several things about the environment and how oil affects it, Shawn gave them 25 years plus of his working experience on the environment and how oil can and does affect everything around it. They discussed where the oil comes from how it is extracted and how ACT manages & actually recycles oil for reuse purposes to keep it from soaking into ground water, or being buried in landfills. He explained how doing this saves habitats and keeps wildlife safe from spills due to accidents. The 2 turned in their report with all that Shawn and ACT had taught them, and rumor has it they did quite well on it, way to go Shawn & ACT New Mexico!
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