ACT July Sales Breakfast!

2012JulySalesBreakfast_2On Friday morning the entire Sunnyvale sales team through an appreciation breakfast for their Field Staff! Adam Brandin and Pat “Omelette King” Johnson along with the sales team cooked a homemade feast fit for a king, or in this case Kings of The Field. The entire Sunnyvale sales staff was in at 6 AM, which is when the field staff comes in everyday, to cook a homemade meal for them in appreciation of all they do for their clients. Led by Pat Johnson on the omelettes, and Freddie Vasquez’ world famous Pumpkin Bread, the team had a virtual around the world breakfast with meats and pastries. 37Pasquale Paduano thought the breakfast was a fantastic idea and encouraged others to do the same. “This is what we are all about at ACT, a family that helps each other and shows how much each person means to the others and the overall growth of our company”.
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