A Recycling Story: Transforming a Transformer

Recently, our team completed a project for a client which involved disposing of a 103,600-pound transformer. We were able to complete the project in a cost-effective, efficient way for the client.

Prior to moving the transformer, ACTenviro performed analytical testing to confirm if the oil was PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl). No PCBs were present, which meant we could then utilize a 120-barrel vacuum truck to remove 4,640 gallons of oil to be sent for recycling.

The next step was to let two weeks pass for the residual oil to fall down the walls of the transformer. Next, we used a 70-barrel vacuum truck to remove 45 gallons of residual oil.

Finally, the ACTenviro team utilized a knuckle boom and Grade All to remove the 9 radiators, which were sent to the metal recycling facility for disposal. Traffic control closed one lane of through traffic, and the crane picked up the transformer and placed onto the low boy.

Nicole Martinez, ACTenviro Account Manager, coordinated a crane operator, a low boy transporter with special weight permit, and traffic control, to complete the job. In addition, due to weight, special routing and off hours were required to transport it to the metal recycling facility. The crane was utilized to off-load the transformer and the metal recycler utilized a torch to cut into smaller pieces for smelting.

Congratulations to the team on a job well done and thank you to the client for working with us to get the job done!

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